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Noble 6, The Unsung Character

** Spoiler Warning: Possible spoilers for events that happened in Halo Reach **

There are moments in games where we as players find ourselves in awe of certain characters actions. We become attached to them in a way, we control how they move and sometimes the decisions they make; but every so often we do come across a character who is unique.

Noble six is one of these unique characters. Now you might be thinking, Noble who? And you would be right in asking that question, even those of us who have played through his story don’t really know much about him.

You don’t know his name, age, past life experiences, why he became a Spartan or what he even looks like. All we do find out in the first couple of minutes of the game is that he used to operate mission’s as a “Lone Wolf”, a foreshadowing to the last level of the game.

So what is it exactly that makes Noble 6 unique, well it’s really everything I just previously mentioned. Noble 6 is the perfect vessel character for players to interact with; seeing as Halo is a first person game, you see what Noble 6 sees. He has no striking personality traits other then to do his duty as a soldier, but apart from that Noble 6 is expertly crafted to allow you the player to project yourself onto Noble 6.

But their is far more to it then just being a vessel, it also has a lot to how he’s designed or to put it more accurately, how you design him. Noble 6 is also the character you play as for online multiplayer so all you armour customisations and colour choices defines your Noble 6s look.

So what does this all congregate too, what is so special about Noble 6. Noble 6 is a blank canvas that the player is free to paint and sculpt to their own persona. We never see Noble 6’s face, why ?

Noble 6 Helmet

It’s answered for us at the very beginning of the game, staring right back at us.

We are Noble 6.

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