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REVIEW: Hitman

Summary: Hitman is a third peson action/adventure game developed by IOI Interactive and published by Square Enix. You play as Agent 47, a man without a past and without a name. 47 decides to join a secret agency to do contract work for specific targets.

Concept: You will be infiltrating locations, where more often then not you are not welcome. So you must take advantage of 47’s unique infiltration method of donning the clothes of a mechanic or waiter; however, be sure to keep distance from those who know someone they don’t recognize.

You also have an array of tools at your disposal, ways that help infiltration or eliminating targets. Your greatest weapon however is your spatial awareness; pretty much anything in the environment can be picked up as a weapon, that can also be thrown at your enemies head.

Hitman 2-2

“Be very very quiet.”

Graphics: The games uses the Glacier 2 Engine and this engine should be used for everything. cutscenes are superbly animated and look amazing. The gameplay looks and runs smoothly, the game looks absolutely stunning. The game’s setting also allows you you to unlock the frame rate on console or cap it to boost performance which is a nice addition to have.

Gameplay: The latest game in the Hitman series is very unique in terms of the way it is delivering it’s content to players. The dev team is opting for an episodic delivery system, similar to Telltale’s way of distribution. This in it self becomes interesting into how the gameplay is essentially petered out. The only available missions at the time of review, are the initial training mission’s that were in the beta and a single mission in Paris.

Mind you the Paris mission is by far the most thematic mission I’ve ever played, every thing is scripted of course but in subtle and very effective ways to make the experience feel more real. However, I am worried there isn’t enough offline content at launch to justify picking up the game right now.

Besides those story missions there is plenty of online player created contracts that take place on the same locations as the story missions; so not much variety at the moment. And there is also an unlock system for outfits and different starting locations within the one location.

Despite all this I still felt there wasn’t much left to do, with the way the schedule looks for the next story segments to release I’ll have to wait until April. My interpretation as to why they would go about this distribution model, instead of a full release; is that it was a solution to combat the trade in market.

What I mean by that is, customers who play a game for a weekend and trade it in the next week; then another average Joe comes along and wants to buy a copy of the same game. However the retailer pushes the option of a pre owned copy, it is cheaper after all. This is a sale for the retailer, but not the developer. By attempting this episodic distribution model my guess is that Square Enix hopes players will hold on to their copies for however long until the last piece of Hitman is released, however many months down the line.

Hitman 3-3

” Shit I didn’t kill the squirrel did I ? …. I hit the squirrel. “

Sound: The voice acting in Hitman is also fantastic, the perfomances given in the VO booth where to the best of the actors abilities and it shows. The ambient noise is also great and adds to the atmosphere, weapons also sound loud and have a punch to them, making sure that every guard heard and knows exactly where you are.

Awesomeness: Hitman is an assassin’s playground. You can steal the disguise of a known associate of your target, walk a fashion runway to maintain your cover, have a nice chat with said target and then use your deadly garrotte and stuff them in a closet. If that doesn’t count as awesome I’ve lost all faith in this section.

Hitman 4-4

” 10 bucks I knock his cap off. “

Final Word: Hitman (2016) is what you can expect in terms of gameplay if you played the last game in the series. It’s thematic and fun and offers multiple avenues to complete your contracts allowing for tons of replay ability. The episodic content may be an issue for some, but the globe trotting adventure as a notorious hitman that will progress over the next few months looks to be a wild ride.


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