Published on March 17th, 2016 | by Hoops

PODCAST: The Fourth Player “Surviving The Division”

Gamebug’s podcast crew The Fourth Player are back with another totes-funny podcast, episode 94, “Surviving The Division”.

In this episode, Paul, Nath and Max are joined by the dulcet tones and fabulous hair of returning guest Tim Best from Mighty Games to qualify human suffering in Ubisoft Massive’s The Division. Drawing on experiences from Fallout: New Vegas, Diplomacy, D&D, Pathfinder, FarCry Primal, Survivor ORGs and Ultima Online, we discuss how games best represent threat and treachery, and how AI and players instil dread by aping our own dark behaviours. We’re not gon’ diss you in the Dark Zone. Cause our mamas taught us better than that.

Click the button below to hear the latest episode!

CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 94 “Surviving The Division”

Work Warning: Sometimes sweary, sometimes scary.

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