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Top 10 Tom Clancy video games

Ah, yes. The long (and we mean lonnnnnnnng) awaited game, Tom Clancy’s The Division, is in our possession, filling our days with shooty-RPG goodness. It’s yet another Tom Clancy masterpiece for the collection, which got us thinking… What are the best Tom Clancy games of all time? Heck, there’s a lot of them, so here’s our controversial Top 10 list (The Division not included). Enjoy!

10. Rainbow Six: Vegas

XB360, PS3, PC

Ubisoft took a gamble and they hit the jackpot with this awesome setting change to Sin City. It also introduced some of today’s oft-used industry trends, such as a no-damage health recovery and blind fire.


9. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

PS2, XB1

Otherwise known as Splinter Cell 2, this sequel was pretty much just more of what we saw in the first game. But that’s cool, ‘cos the first game was awesome. Like all the early games in the series, you had to move the control stick slowly and carefully or risk being heard by security guards.


8. Ghost Recon 2

PS2, XB1, GC

Even though there were a number of Ghost Recon’s’s’s before it, this sequel was the first to elevate the series into a fantastic new direction, featuring an over-the-shoulder camera and real-time team commands.


7. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

PS2, XB1, GC, PC

The third game of the Splinter Cell series could just be the peak of popularity. It scored high reviews, with Michael Ironside (that bad guy from Total Recall) reprising his role as the voice of Sam Fisher, and introduced a cool co-op system.


6. Splinter Cell: Conviction

XB360, PS3, PC

Released on previous generation consoles, Ubisoft softened up the gameplay, making it super-easy to move in stealth. The easier controls worked without upsetting the hardcore fans (too much), leading to many other copycat games. Oh, and if you ever got lost? Just read the giant directions lit up on the wall in front of you.


5. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

XB360, PS3, PC

It could have run a little smoother and gripped you in a better story, but this might be the badassiest of the badass Ghost Recon series. Your new technology was innovative and it was rad cloaking your ghost unit for limited invisibility. Well-synchronized shots fro your four man team ensured no alarms were raised, rewarding you for clean strategy.


4. Splinter Cell

PS2, XB1, GC, PC

The original Splinter Cell remains one of the best. Sam Fisher and his triple green-light night vision goggles beaming through the shadows was instantly launched as an icon for stealth gaming.


3. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

XB360, PS3, PC

Otherwise known as GRAW2, this tactical, third-person shooter was loaded with action, but it still took some learning time to get used to the tricky team-management controls. Once you had it down, it was hard to put the controller down.


2. Splinter Cell: Double Agent

XB360, PS3, Wii, XB, PS2, GC, PC

Our favourite Splinter Cell of the series, each mission felt like an entirely separate adventure. It featured a really cool plot, one where you’re causing a prison riot to escape jail, another when you infiltrate a ship from underneath the arctic ice, and another as an undercover criminal terrorist.


1. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

XB360, PS3, PC

Ermagherd, you know those FREAKS out there who play nothing but COD and Battlefield multiplayer on loop? Well, that was us with this game. It’s one of few shooters with a PROPER character creation and build system. The customizable options were great, the campaign was excellent and the maps were fun. Repeatable fun. It’s one of the best co-op shooters ever.


Did we miss something? Do you hate our order? Which Tom Clancy games do YOU think should (or should not) be in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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