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Top 10 Time Manipulation Video Games

We wanted to make this Top 10 list for you in the year 2022 – but since Quantum Break is out today on Xbox One – we manipulated time to bring this list to you today. This week, we feature our top 10 games where you could manipulate time in some way – just like in Quantum Break! This is not really about “time travel”, think more like “time meddling”. So without further, er, “time wasting”, here’s our controversial Top 10 list. Enjoy!

10. Singularity

XB360, PS3, PC

Shhh! It’s the game nobody talked about. Ever. Not even Activision said anything about it. It’s like they raced past EB Games stores and threw their stock at the doorstep like they wanted nothing to do with it. The game was an underrated, run-of-the-mill first-person shooter, that allowed you to create a time sphere with a highly advanced super glove.


9. Time & Eternity


We absolutely love the sharp colours and bright character animations of this quirky, action, JRPG. It’s about “sisters” Toki an Towa, who battle to repair a tragedy by changing past events. Time is a major part of this story, but you can also freeze time on your enemy, giving you much-needed seconds to bust their balls effectively.


8. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

PS3, XB360, PC

This is our favourite Final Fantasy of the recent era, thanks to Lightning’s overall awesomeness, (finally) deep customization, and unique, “three-costume” combat gameplay. The huge reduction of annoying little cutesy things that you just want to kick like a football also helped… a lot. Lightning tinkers with time a-plenty in this game, giving her a massive edge in combat by stopping foes in their tracks.


7. Dishonored

PS3, PS4, XB360, XB1, PC

Sure, we’ve seen loads of games where we sneak around cobblestone streets, stabbing pompous people with fancy hats in the back. But how many of them have a skill called “Bend Time”, which allows you to… well… Bend time, huh? The answer is one. That’s right, one… that we know of.


6. Life is Strange

XB1, PS4, PC

This episodic, graphic adventure follows a photography student who has the power to rewind time. While we’d use this power repeatedly to ask hot girls out and find out which one of them sticks – this girl uses it for less important things, like saving the town from an oncoming storm or something. It’s a cool narrative in a similar style to Telltale’s recent gems.


5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

N64, NGC, N3DS

Honestly? We only put this game in here for damage control. Could you imagine if we didn’t? We’d never hear the end of it. Truth is, we loved the NES and SNES Link games, but this was a bit boring in comparison. We tried to get into it on several occasions and struggled each time. But because we saw how much our friends loved it, we found a place for lute-playing-Link in the top 5.


4. Shadow of Memories


One of the first games for the PS2, it was made by the same team who pieced together Silent Hill during the series’ heyday. It’s not an action game, nor a horror game, nor quite like anything you’ve really ever played before. We suppose you’d call it a mystery adventure with eerie puzzle solving. It just places you in a zone where time travel stops being a novelty and turns eerily twisted.


3. Clive Barker’s Jericho

XB360, PS3, PC

In this horror-themed, action shooter, Jericho are a top secret military squad, each with unique weaponry and freakish, supernatural powers. Due to secret spoiler reasons, you can switch between characters during battle, and Cole (pictured) has an arm gizmo that slows down reality. I can’t praise how awesome this severely-underrated game is, it needs a top priority sequel, STAT!


2. Max Payne (series)

XB, XB360, PS2, PS3, PC

We hate bunching up a series in to one, but it had to happen here ‘cos all three games were the bomb! If you hadn’t guessed already, the “time-manipulation” in this series is the “Bullet Time” mode, which allows you to leap across cover and obstacles in slow motion as you shoot hails of bullets into goons. The stories of all three games are magnificent, and even hold up well graphically today.


1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

XB360, PS3, PC

There’s a reason why they made a movie about this game. But even though the movie kinda stunk, let’s not hold it against this magical game. Not only was this original gameplay style the founding platform for the series success – it also served to launch the super successful Assassin’s Creed series. Time manipulation involved rewinding or slowing combat down, and it was all wrapped-up neatly with a fairy tale story line that could please anybody.


Did we miss something? Do you hate our order? Which Time Manipulation games do YOU think should (or should not) be in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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