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Top 25 Dark Souls Trilogy Areas

Dark Souls III is out today and to celebrate, we wanted to showcase some of the finest moments so far. After completing and researching all three of the action RPG prequels (including DLC), we’ve decided to compile our top 25 Dark Souls areas. It’s spoiler-free and doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can expect to see. Oh, and Dark Souls III areas aren’t included here. Enjoy!

 25 – Huntsman’s CopseDark_Souls_2_Huntsman's_Copse

Game: Dark Souls 2
Moment: Overlook to the green forest (pictured)

24 – Undead CryptDark_Souls_2_Undead_Crypt

Game: Dark Souls 2
Moment: Lighting the flames to reveal the crypt statues across the black cavern

23 – Boletarian PalaceDemons_Souls_1-1_Boletarian_Palace_First_Dragon_Encounters

Game: Demon’s Souls
Moment: Your first dragon encounter with the tail swipes and then flames across the bridge.

22 – Kiln of the First FlameDark_Souls_Kiln-of-the-First-Flame-1-0003

Game: Dark Souls
Moment: Your march aross crumbling stone scaffolding towards the final boss.

21 – Shaded WoodsDark_Souls_Shaded_Woods

Game: Dark Souls 2
Moment: Filled with invisible foes, it’s annoying, but eerie and unforgettable.


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