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REVIEW: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Summary: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a open world, action/adventure game set in a near future cyber punk world; dealing with issues that don’t seem to fantastical not to be considered “real” world issues we could face as a society some day. You return as Adam “Batman Voice” Jensen to root out the conspiracy that was responsible for all the problems of the previous game.


“Excuse me, sir. I want that gun.”

Concept: The world of Deus Ex has always intrigued me in a way no other game has. It’s made me feel worried about what the future would be; by the way it paints a frighteningly accurate picture of the world in the not to distant future. Deus Ex at it’s core is about exploring a world that is dealing with complex issues and ethical questions and throws the player right in the middle of it, simply saying; “Good Luck.”. Not in a harsh way, but rather it’s asking to prepare yourself to choose, to make decisions that will effect you not just as a player, but as a person.

Graphics: Mankind Divided looks gorgeous, and whether you loved it or hated it in the previous game; they’ve gotten rid of that gold glow that covered the previous game in the series. I personally thought it gave the game it’s own sense of style, however the new gritty and realistic look partners well with the themes of Mankind Divided. Character’s look life like and animations are less janky then previous games.


“Sneaky Jensen, is Sneaky.”

Gameplay: Deus Ex is a game for all play styles, so it’s difficult to discuss every aspect of the game in detail. I personally went for a pacifist run. I didn’t kill anybody and tried to remain hidden at all times. In the event I was discovered or there was no other option, I would use tranc darts or simply knock dudes out. But the beauty of Deus Ex is the ability to play the game anyway you want.

So instead of doing a stealth run, you are able to go guns blazing with an arsenal of weaponry and augmented abilities. Or you could avoid combat scenarios all together just by talking to people, a new element for the series due to feedback received in Human Revolution.

There are also multiple areas to explore and different paths to discover to open up new possibilities for your play style or even convince to change things up a bit. The augment upgrade system is also back with new upgrades to use such as the Icarus dash, giving me flashbacks of Dishonored when using the Blink ability.

Sound: Deus Ex has always had good sound design, and as much as I poke fun at the voice actor for Jensen; he does a phenomenal job for the huge amount of dialogue this game has. The guns have a punch to them and the environments feel alive and real. The soundtrack has always been sensational for the Deus Ex games, Mankind Divided being no exception. You’ll probably find yourself listening to the soundtrack outside of playing the game, it’s so good.


“Come on guys, don’t leave me hanging.”

Awesomeness: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an amazing sequel to Human Revolution. Although there are some narrative issues regarding the end of the game, it doesn’t take away from the overall experience that the game provides. If your a stealth action fan or a fan of cyberpunk, this is most definitely a game for you. Also you can fire tasers out of your knuckles, so there’s that.

Final Word: If your a fan of Human Revolution, you should buy this game. It is a fun experience and has a tone of replay value when it comes to tackling the games challenges in different and exciting ways. I’m also excited to see where the story of the game, goes from here.

REVIEW: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Kingy

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