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Are Video Game World’s Becoming Too Big ?

New consoles boast more power and higher graphical fidelity, and developers proudly proclaim the vast expanse of their game world’s. Is it all necessary in the end ?

The industry has for some time been obsessed with the oldest lie in the known universe; “Bigger is Better”.

It’s an idea that made up the entire marketing campaign of a recent game that took the world by storm, before the world suddenly realized that the wool was being pulled over there eyes. We were promised the universe and unsurprisingly, at least to me; it was found barren and mostly empty.

Sounds harsh I know but what else is there to do in the vast expanses of space besides shooting space rocks for minerals.

This idea of bigger worlds equals better game is nonsensical. A quote I heard only just recently springs to mind, by the legendary developer of the original Deus Ex; Warren Spector. He proclaims, “I’d rather do something that’s an inch wide and a mile deep, than something that’s a mile wide and an inch deep.”

When we play games, we play for different reasons. But when it comes to exploring new game worlds, I always look for depth, a past, present and future. The world should contain mystery and wonder by ways of level design and visual storytelling, a tool only games can take full advantage of.

My recent experiences with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided shows me the advantages of  having a small space that is filled to the brim with culture, history and personality. Game worlds like that are able to make you feel like an explorer when you first arrive, and later become a familiar citizen of the world.

Games have the power to do this in spades, so it’s time to start returning to this way of thinking. We should celebrate worlds that feel real and full of life and purpose, rather then strive to create landscapes with long stretches of nothingness.

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