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REVIEW: Dragon Quest Builders

Summary: Dragon quest builders is the newest entry into the Dragon Quest universe, changing from it’s turn-based rpg roots to a third person Minecraft-lite action-rpg.

Concept: Most fans of the Dragon Quest series will be used to its traditional turn based rpg mechanics, this however is not the case in Dragon Quest Builders as the formula has changed quite dramatically. The theme around the game is that the whole world has been destroyed by an evil entity, wiping out the majority of the human race. This is where you, the legendary builder comes in, brick by brick building the world around you back to its former glory.

“Come child, let me eat your soul”

Graphics: Visually speaking, Dragon Quest Builders may not be sporting any serious graphical prowess, but what it does offer is a vibrant world full of cute and quirky chibi characters and enemies that sprawl the several unique locations within the game. It’s definitely pleasing on the eyes, especially when comparing this to Minecraft. This is where you will see a significant graphical leap. as this game makes Minecraft look like something a 5yr old created in microsoft paint. If cute colourful art styles are not your thing then you may feel differently.

Gameplay: This is where we get into the real meat of the game. Dragon Quest Builders was to be quite honest, a game I originally had no interest in. I thought this was going to be another Minecraft rip-off and for someone who is not a fan of Minecraft in the slightest I was a bit pre-judgemental. Boy was I surprised when this game literally consumed me. I couldn’t put it down and just kept wanting to play for hours and hours on end. It takes a simple action-rpg from a third person perspective and adds in the world building of Minecraft, but what’s different here is that there are actual missions and structure, so you actually have some direction. This is exactly what I was looking for in this type of game and sure there is a freeplay mode to just do whatever you want, but the story (albeit a fairly generic one), missions, upgrades and funny dialogue kept me thoroughly entertained and gave me a purpose to keep building and trying out new things.


Sound: Finally a game with ridiculously catchy tunes. I find myself humming the overworld themes as I’m playing, which is a treat and something you don’t often find in a lot of games these days. My only issue with these great tunes is that you will hear them over and over and they can eventually become a bit tiresome when you’ve been playing in the same location, hearing the same one minute loop of audio consistently for hours on end. A major gripe in the audio department is the fact that characters are not voiced and instead you are left with just text to read, which can become quite chatty at times.

Awesomeness: What’s awesome about Dragon Quest Builders is the fact that it takes two genres and mashes them up perfectly to make for some unique gameplay suitable for all ages. This is truly a unique experience for those craving something more with their rpgs or those looking for some structure and missions to their Lego-like gameplay experience. Of course not all is perfect however as this is one of those few games that I would actually like multiplayer implementation. Alas this is one experience you won’t be able to share with friends online.

Looking boss AF!

Final Word: Rarely do I find myself playing a game that hasn’t hyped me up at all and turn out falling in love with it. Dragon Quest Builders is this game for me and it could have easily been a lost gem that I never played. I highly recommend this game as it has hours upon hours of gameplay with an addictive hook that just keeps you coming back. Definitely pick this one up or at least give the demo a try that is available now to see if it captivates you as it did me.

REVIEW: Dragon Quest Builders Zorbz

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