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REVIEW: Titanfall 2

Summary: The big budget, first-person shooter starring pilots and their mechas (or “Titans”) returns with a sequel, this time with *GASP!* a single-player campaign!

Concept: I give developers, Respawn Entertainment, a slow clap. Why? Because they learned why it is important to give the multiplayer statistics that we are, a single-player campaign. Unlike Titanfall (which had no campaign), the Titanfall 2 campaign gives the franchise a soul.
The story itself isn’t half bad either. While it lacks proper depth and character development, the simple narrative is quaint and within it’s own charm. I’m pleasantly surprised that the story is not exploding with explosive explosions to hide a shit script behind constant adrenaline. Rather, the tempo is positively subdued – active but sometimes nicely serene.

“And to your right are the public Titan showers.”

Graphics:  All modes and maps are quite enclosed and this allows Titanfall 2 to focus it’s power on running with an impressive frame rate that feels super smooth. Mobility and aiming are a pleasure to experience and this is the strength of the Titanfall 2 visuals. It doesn’t present many breathtaking moments in the oft-bland environments, but the glitch-free polish of the graphics under heavy detailing feels visually powerful.

Gameplay: This first-person shooter is (too?) easy to pick up and play. Whether you’re manning on foot as the solo pilot or sitting behind the control panel of your Titan, the simple control scheme is an undemanding delight. Some depth and additional functionality would go a long way to improve this experience, as it’s too arcade as it stands. As a core staple of the game, my biggest relief is the ease in which traversing can be executed, whether you’re vertically scaling up walls, running along them for distance or double-jumping.

Worst. Stealth. Ever.

Sound: Your campaign character, for lack of identity, has his choice of conversation responses on the move. It makes no difference to the outcome of the game, but offers a little personality, which is cool. The gun sounds are authentic and modern and it’s hugely satisfying hearing the thud noises your bullets make when connecting with flesh targets. I really enjoyed the music in this game too, which switches between heroic and kinda sci-fi ambient.

Multiplayer: Re-introducing your predictable collection of versus modes, including: Skirmish, Capture the Flag, Free for All and Last Titan Standing. The developers really wanted to improve this department, and yeah, it is slightly better than before thanks to the new Skill system that ranks you on performance rather than the success of your team. This is great for me… Not because I get stuck with terrible players, but because I keep ruining everything for everyone else.
There’s a handful of other online versus modes too, like modes with only Titans, modes with only pilots, modes with points and modes with cliff-jumping competitions. Er, scratch that last “mode”, unless you get as bored with multiplayer games like this as much as I do. But you keyboard warriors out there will LOVE this shit.

“Sorry, had chilli for lunch.”

Awesomeness: Titanfall is one of the wankiest franchises ever concocted. It’s the groan-worthy apex of everything that stinks about repetitive online deathmatch gaming and it’s enclosed, angry-teen culture. It’s the unwanted spawn of Battlefield and Call of Duty’s one-night stand. But as much as I headbutted the wall upon news of this sequel, I now appreciate this game. Sure, this core concept is still coated in a thick layer of cheese, but at least you’ll have a complete game this time – one that you might not trade-in to EB Games after the first week when everybody has moved on to the next online shooter.
No, Titanfall 2 is not awesome, but it sure is a shitload better than its predecessor.

Final Word: Titanfall 2 is what Titanfall should have been: a complete game. Sometimes developers just get a little too into their “online member” stats and forget that we stats also have feelings and a want to play something with substance. EA answered the call with a rock-solid single player campaign and improved multiplayer modes for an experience that’s proper-worthy of sequeldom. Exquisite graphics, a paced story and super-smooth gamplay are the leading reasons to play this game. Baby steps EA. Now the same bits are needed to improve the Star Wars Battlefront sequel… aaand we should be one-tenth of the way to becoming as good as you were on the PS2 version (Oooh… *tsh!*).

REVIEW: Titanfall 2 IceCube

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