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REVIEW: Battlefield 1

Summary: Battlefield is a series that’s main selling point is large scale battles and destructible environments. Battlefield 1 not only continues this but doubles down on them both. Battlefield 1 is set during WW1, undoubtedly the most costly war in human history. It’s a period of history that is difficult to create a fun first person shooter experience. However, as it happens; it seems DICE have done tremendously well and have crafted a unique experience on the time period while paying respect to those who fought and died.


“No Man’s Land”

Concept: WW1 was a tumultuous time for the world which sparked an arms race the world had not yet seen. Traditional warfare was changing and rapid pressures made for some grueling military tactics which felt more responsive to unknown threats, then really garnering any sense of tactical brilliance. Setting a game within this time period, comes with it’s own sets of challenges; but it also provides unique opportunities, such as horse combat and trench warfare. That push and pull dynamic with ever shifting battle lines makes for intense skirmishes and heartbreaking defeats.

Graphics:  DICE has always created spectacular looking games, and Battlefield 1 is no exception. This game is absolutely gorgeous and it boggles the mind how games today can achieve this level of graphical fidelity. If your one of those people that love to screenshot pretty landscapes in games, this game will not disappoint you in the slightest. Even the particle effects for explosions feel all to real some times, adding to that sense of total warfare encapsulating an entire landscape.


“Be Careful Of The Flames”

Gameplay: This game features one of most interesting campaigns that any other Battlefield in recent memory. Usually Battlefield campaigns (with a few exceptions) are not great. The core of Battlefield has always been it’s multiplayer component.

However, this campaign has a lot to offer in terms of diverse stories from different perspectives of the war as well as providing varied game play from the core shooting game play. As you play through multiple story missions, you start to feel a sense of the incredible scale of this conflict and the hardships these people had to endure.

Aside from the campaign, the game play is rock solid. Weapons feel great and responsive. Flying planes feel a bit janky but it is manageable. The multiplayer of course offers your stock standard game modes, with Rush being the most popular for obvious reasons. And a variety of maps to play on.

Sound: Let me start by saying that the sound design in this game is phenomenal. The gunshots, reloading explosions, ambient noise. It’s all perfect and sound genuine. The added effect the audio gives to the game gives that added sense of immersion as well as making the weapons have more of a punch to them. And the explosions themselves, sound as well as look devastating.


“Charging Under The Rising Sun”

Awesomeness: You can take down a Zeppelin and watch it crash and burn out of the sky. You can ride on a death train, you can ride horses, you can perform bayonet charges with a blood curdling scream. What more do you want !?

Final Word: This game is really a comforting surprise to me. I never thought WW1 could work as a multiplayer FPS. But I’m glad I was wrong, DICE have regained the faith of it’s fans again after previous missteps and have proven they can make truly great and highly polished FPS games.

REVIEW: Battlefield 1 Kingy

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