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REVIEW: Gravity Rush 2

Summary: Kat is back to defy gravity once more in this third-person, action adventure game. Unlike the first game which was designed for the portable PS Vita, this sequel was made for the PS4.

Concept: Kicking off from when Gravity Rush left off, Kat finds herself pulled into another civilization without her amazing gravity powers. As Kat, you must rediscover your powers, find your friend Raven and stop the Navi and other foes from destroying your friends. That’s the action premise anyway. This sequel has a perfect balance of action combined with a really endearing story. The characters are extremely likable and the story is really enjoyable to follow in its moving comic style format. Raven is featured more in this game as an NPC, and is playable with free DLC coming out in March.

“You watch your back, and you watch mine… right?”

Graphics:  The PS Vita prequel was stunning, but this PS4 version is a whole nutha level. The visuals are laden with cell shaded water colours, blended with spectacular lighting. What we get is a stunning combination of colours and eye-watering scenery. It doesn’t have the texture depth of modern realistic games, but that’s not part of the style they’re going for here.

Gameplay: Directional floating in much easier to manage with twin control sticks and a controller, but you can take advantage of your controllers’ oft-forgotten 6-axis function if you choose. Floating and gravity force combat is similar with a good dose of new features, including Lunar and Jupiter powers which makes gravity feel heavier or lighter. Where gravity management felt like an awkward novelty in GR1, it feels like a pleasurable joyride on the big screens. You can almost feel the wind through your hair as you dash around open void space.

“Okay, that’s the last time I drink Dr. Pepper”

Sound: A beautiful soundtrack tinkers with your emotions throughout the course of the game. Tinkling piano tunes layers the ambient conversations while exciting concertos fill the action scenes with uplifting force. Voice acting is an odd twist – a made up language that plays on sounds and tones that match the feels of the dialogue and situation. It’s kinda like The Sims, but with more push. It’s kinda clever and adds it’s own charm to the dynamic of the game.

Awesomeness: Boy oh boy the video game industry needs a game like this BADLY. This game has heart! It has soul! It has artistic integrity! It has the pieces that have been missing from gaming for almost a generation. It’s the kind of magical game that gets made when a developer is allowed to create something from the heart. It’s not just a step up from Gravity Rush – it’s a leap above, and it’s tear-jerkingly powerful.

“It’s time to take out the trash.”

Final Word: Don’t think of this game as an underdeveloped PS Vita sequel, because it’s not. It’s so much more and beautiful enough to take on the best games of this console generation. The story is full of life, character and charm, The watercolour visuals are both mesmerising and inspirational. The gameplay has transformed from clumbsy to exhilarating. I expected an underpowered little title, but instead played the kind of console game I’ve been screaming at publishers to get on with for way too long now. Bravo Sony for bringing some magic to your console.

REVIEW: Gravity Rush 2 IceCube

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