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Published on March 4th, 2017 | by IceCube

REVIEW: For Honor

Summary: A third-person hack ‘n slash fighting game that allows players to fight as a knight, viking or samurai.

Concept: Primarily a multiplayer versus game with an 8 hour campaign tack on, I’m just not all on board with the premise of mixing these classic genres. The campaign story is okay as it crosses between central characters from each faction. It lifts up with a solid setting variety and some intense battle moments, but loses itself with faceless (masked) and forgettable heroes.

There is never a bad time for Pole Vaulting practice.

Graphics:  The devs improve a fairly generic visual experience by closing in with dynamic camera angles during tough battles and key finishing moves. Battles give the illusion of widespread chaos when actually the settings are fairly enclosed, with just enough passages, ramparts and open ground to make it feel like you have plenty of mobility. I love the fact that this game is played from third-person perspective.

Gameplay: You can choose between one of 12 male characters: half of which have slightly pointier chest armour. These herculean heroes enter multiplayer versus battles, sometimes with allies, sometimes solo, depending on the chosen game mode. Ubisoft overthought the combat system, which consists of up/left/right blocks and attacks. It’s an “obvious” combat concept that other melee games have deliberately avoided because it’s messy, impractical and anti-authentic.

“Okay already, that’s the last time I say that joke.”

Sound: The soundtrack is kinda cool, doing a good job improving the intensity of key moments in the game. There’s nothing memorable in here, but it suits. With everyone wearing helmets and masks, voice acting is no problem, but the war cries and loud wildness of wartime combat is captured well.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is basically swords instead of guns, with multiple team and solo versus modes. In team games, when you lose one man in battle, you’ve pretty much lost the game each time. That said, if someone drops out mid battle, a tough AI bot will fill in the shoes. In-game currency rewards are “steel” and it’s handed out in tiny portions like pocket change from a homeless guy. This leads many to buy gear using their own real dosh.

Sweeping floorboards is a full-time job.

Awesomeness: Gotta hand it to Ubisoft for trying something new, which is great to see. Unfortunately this effort ain’t all that. Choosing one genre with a focused direction could have been an exciting innovation for Ubisoft, but this game unfortunately sides with the evils of microtrasaction money grabs and ugly multiplayer messiness.

Final Word: For Honor could have been the game I’ve been waiting for from Ubisoft, but it looks and plays like a lie. It lacks focus, feels untidy and doesn’t work as well as it so very could have. The clumsy, directional combat system is as impractical as it sounds – almost comical. But the atmosphere is layered with an extra buffer of polish to make potentially dull moments more exciting. I want to give the developers a hug for effort, but just can’t hide my cringe when looking at the poor decisions at almost every turn.

REVIEW: For Honor IceCube

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