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Published on June 11th, 2017 | by IceCube

E3 2017: EA Showcase Review

Madden 18: Longshot
The live show opens with a drummer band wearing New England Patriots jerseys (*Sigh* as if my hate for this franchise couldn’t be any worse). NFL is my favourite sport but has been soured by the Patriots eternal luck and blessings from the football gods. That said, Madden 18: Longshot genuinely looks like the brightest spot in Madden for a very long time. It’s focus is on a heartfelt storyline, which remind us of the brilliant Fight Night Last Round (X360/PS3). It’s gonna be hard for me to buy something with Tom Brady on the cover. I’ll be using extra long pincers just to bring it to the counter.

Battlefield 1
New maps and stuff: Night Maps and In the Name of the Tsar brings more night-time and Russia to the fold. Exciting for the current community. Not so much for normal people.

Fifa 18
Seriously has nothing new to offer and it shows. The ideas table is empty when selling points are: motion technology and dramatic atmosphere. Doesn’t mean the game is bad at all. It just means fans should expect this to be another roster update.
Update: Man they are really padding this out… Congrats to EA for figuring out how to talk about zero innovation for 20 minutes. Though, like Madden above, it too has a story-like mode called “The Journey”. It’ll be interesting to see which games pulls off this mode better.

Need for Speed: Payback
After an awkward start by a clearly nervous presenter, we got to hear about this next Need for Speed game. I’m glad to hear they’re sticking with the story angle, while moving forward with open world driving. You can also find old bombs and upgrade them. Is any of this new though? Nope. It’s not even an expansion of borrowed ideas. The enjoyment of this game will come down to how engrossing the missions and storyline is. If they can really nail that Fast and Furious vibe, it could really separate itself from the competition.

A Way Out
Finally a sign of life from EA! This game looks great. Brought to us by the developers of indie title: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes this co-op game about two guys trying to escape a prison. The story looks great and the characters seem likable. The production level looks significantly higher than the old indie games they formerly worked on, and it’s designed for split screen play, local or online. The only chin-scratcher is that you can’t single-player your way through. It’ll be hard for many of us to co-ordinate a co-op player throughout a full game.

What pretentious crap… Five years ago, the thought of a new IP from BioWare would have made me pee my pants with excitement. But after the latest Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare is officially dead – it’s soul sucked dry by men in suits from EA.
EA teased BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, just now. To EA’s recycled, bass-heavy blowhorn sound effect, we saw a futuristic setting with something to do with a big wall and a faceless metal armour stolen from Destiny. I want to cry from disappointment. More will be revealed at the Xbox press conference.

NBA Live 18
EA are still trying to take the NBA crown from 2K. Here, we were introduced to dribbling with right stick and their new feature: The One. Basically it’s a career mode that blends your play on street courts as much as the NBA courts. Career mode dragged out.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Promising. Very promising. EA made it clear they got the message from the follies of the first game. No story mode being one. Lack of content being the other. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a story mode that takes place between the films: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It will also have 3 times the amount of content as the previous game. Also great news is the return of couch co-op and skirmish (please don’t restrict the couch co-op options, EA). This is exactly what we were hoping to hear, but whether it is properly delivered is yet to be seen.
The show ended with a live multiplayer battle on Theed (Naboo), clone troopers vs droids. It looks good. Please, for the love of god, let us have the choice to play full maps against AI. I need this because I hate people.


Top 3 Positives
A Way Out is a pleasant surprise.
– Right Direction for Star Wars Battlefront II.
Madden 18 Story Mode looks like it could be done well.

Top 3 Negatives
Anthem teaser looks eye-rollingly lame.
– Not enough new reveals.
– Too much copy and paste with most titles.

Overall, I’m disappointed with EA. The good stuff was expected, bare minimum needs. Everything else was rinse and repeat. I was really hoping for a big year from EA, but it’s not to be.




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