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REVIEW: Splatoon 2

Summary: Squid people, Paint, guns and pure chaos. Nintendo showed what a little imagination could do to the online shooter genre and have set on a path of creating a long lasting franchise.

Concept: The concept once again revolves heavily around paint and using it to basically mark your territory. The characters, half squid, half human, not only only use the paint to lay claim to their territory but can use it as a means of travel and reloading in their squid form. This simple yet ingenious game mechanic offers something truly unique to the shooter genre and provides a great playing field for online battles. Those looking for a grandiose story that many shooters possess for their single player campaigns, look elsewhere.

Splatoon2_Presentation2017_scrn011The pink squad means business

Graphics: I honestly say this with every Nintendo IP released for the switch, but hot diggity damn is this game gorgeous. The switch once again in handheld mode is abso-freaking-lutely gorgeous with colours literally popping off the screen and smacking you right in the face with visual delight. You all know by now i’m obsessed with big bright bold colours and damn does this game have it in abundance. The visuals are crisp, with only slight degradation in TV mode, the character designs are unique and the animations are fluid and dynamic. This game is just simply beautiful.

Gameplay: For those of you who played the original Splatoon, you know what to expect, for those who don’t, Splatoon 2 is a third person shooter sporting smoooooth 60fps gameplay in online battles which make for some truly fast and frenetic battles. The controls are a little tricky to get used to at first, but thanks to the tight fluid motions, it’s not long before you are mastering your way through arenas. The guns act as both weapons and essentially your paintbrushes to cover the map, which makes this a great design choice rather then having to flip between a weapon and the tool used to paint by just having them act as one. Single player mode essentially uses the same controls as multiplayer, but with some thrown in boss fights at the end of each area, with each level kind of working as a tutorial in teaching you new techniques and how to use new weapons so that you can have that advantage in the multiplayer realm, because lets face it this game is multiplayer heavy. Those looking for something a bit different wanting to play co op have the amazing salmon run mode which is basically Splatoons version of a horde mode, taking out waves of enemies whilst attempting to grab power eggs (don’t ask) from fallen bosses. There is enough variety in the weapons and the modes to keep gameplay feeling fresh and fun with plenty of unlockables and different clothing to purchase all with unique battle perks.

splatoon_03Never cross streams

Sound: I don’t even know what genre you would say the music fits in, but it won’t get out of my BRAIN! It’s so catchy and i find myself mumbling along to it because it’s either gibberish or in another language yet that doesn’t seem to stop me, hell i even hum along to the lobby menu music. You know the music score is good when something like this happens because who can ever remember a boring mediocre score? Also the sound of an enemy squid popping when you ink them to death is surprisingly satisfying

Multiplayer: HERE IT IS! why am i typing like a psycho in all caps you ask? Because I hate playing online multiplayer games, especially shooters… or so i thought. Everyone, both friends, fans, even Jim (the random dude i’ve never met) knows I would rather eat my own hands before playing something like overwatch, then splatoon 2 comes around and BAM, i am so damn hooked. It’s those fast paced, short match times that are so easy to jump in and play that got me hooked. The reward system for unlocking new weapons and items is done so well without you feeling like everything is a grind that it made me want to keep playing to try out a new weapon. This isn’t related to the game itself but the Nintendo app used to chat online with friends whilst playing Splatoon is simply garbage, don’t even bother, just do a group chat call on Facebook which works 16000 times better. So yeah there are some few minor gripes like having to exit out to change your weapons instead of being able to choose just before a new battle starts or the fact you can only play between two different levels at random every two hours. Yes that last point is true but it will only annoy some but I actually like it because it gets people playing different maps instead of sticking to the same ones on repeat like a broken record. All in all this is the first multiplayer game to get me hooked, will it last, time will tell, but for now I just want to stop typing so i can get back to playing.

tumblr_oqko9zOlfs1u3akyno3_1280-1024x576He clearly skips leg day

Awesomeness: Hmm i dunno maybe the fact that i hate anything online related yet I am obsessed with this. There is something unique about Splatoon and sure painting like crazy people to gain the most ground is super fun, but that isn’t all that sets it apart. It just has a certain charm about it that just hooked me, it’s not gritty and realistic like Call of Duty or Battlefield, it’s not so restricted in class types like Overwatch, its not life consuming like mmo’s that never end. It’s just simply fun, which is what videogames are all about. Now I give all the praise to the multiplayer, but the single player, not so much, that campaign or tutorial whatever you want to call it is almost a chore to play because compared to the multiplayer it feels like its in slow motion, everything is just sooooo slow and boring. The boss fights however are amazing. I’d almost say scrap the levels and just have a boss rush mode, i’d be down for that.

Final Word: Splatoon 2, dayyyyum, is all i can say. Ok i should add more, but for a series which i didn’t even bother playing the first entry in because i just thought, oh another lame online game, they really got me. This was the perfect timing with the switch library still being pretty barren, I thought why not i’ll give it a shot and wow did it deliver. I can easily say this game really swayed my initial impressions and I feel it will definitely sway a lot of other people who own a switch but have never been much for playing online games. Give this game a chance as it certainly won’t disappoint, unless you’re using it in a no WiFi area, then it will probably be useless, so make sure to have a hotspot or WiFi dongle to connect to with you or alternatively a friend with you so you can play local co op on salmon run, DO IT!

REVIEW: Splatoon 2 Zorbz

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