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Zorbz Top 10 upcoming games for 2017 – Part 2


Hey Guys, Zorbz here again for part 2 of my top 10 upcoming games for 2017. So before I jump in, Sonic Mania which was in part one of my list has been released and holy bajeebus is it amazing. It looks, sounds and feels just like it’s classic contemporaries and I couldn’t be happier. I got a big smack in the face of nostalgia and then was blown away at the same time by the new levels and bosses. Anyways go play it, for fans of old school sonic or hell just fans of great platformers.


20170619-49116-header-696x348Metroid: Samus Returns

Kicking it off we have the remake of the original gameboy game Metroid 2 being developed for the 3DS. Like everyone, my first reaction was why isn’t this going to be on switch, but then i thought, well who really cares, it’s more Metroid. Platformers would be my fav genre followed closely by the whole Metroidvania style of game, so anything Castlevania or Metroid is a no brainer for me and considering I never played the original on the Gameboy this made it more appealing. The fancy new visual upgrades are great but besides that they’ve added a new parry mechanic which apparently changes up the gameplay quite significantly and so even if you’ve played the original, expect this to be quite different in the way you play. This also fits in nicely to tide us all over until Metroid Prime 4 gets released in who knows how long (damn teaser title image).


2893787-cturedSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole

The follow up to the amazing South Park: Stick of Truth is finally approaching after several delays and I can’t wait. After filming Migs play it last year at the EB Expo using the smell-o-vision (yes that was a real thing) it just showed that this is going to be everything I loved from the original and more. The combat has evolved from a simple turn based RPG battle system to a slightly deeper strategy RPG style which is great for me as I am a fan of strategy RPG mechanics. But let’s be honest, the main reason we are all wanting this game is to be enjoying another hilarious story and laughing so hard we leak out of every orifice.


oxp12ahx-998474Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

I think everyones initial reaction when seeing this game revealed was a big ‘WTF, why are they making this’ and i too shared this sentiment because let’s face it, Rabbids?? Well anyways as they say, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and i guess you can’t do the same with videogames either because I never expected to be excited to get my hands on this. After seeing the E3 footage which sported some of the best Switch visuals I have seen to date and a deep strategy RPG mechanic, I was hooked. Who would have thought Mario would be using a laser canon similar to Megaman and teaming with the original Minions, it still blows my mind but for anyone on the fence just watch some gameplay and hopefully you will realise that there is a serious game to be had here behind all the cute and colourful visuals and yelling from those damn Rabbids.



If there is anything I love equally to videogames then it is wrestling. Having started watching it at the ripe old age of 5 which was the same year I started playing videogames thanks to my older step brother, I became hooked. So you better believe I have played nearly every wrestling game in existence (with the exception of a few Japanese ones, although that didn’t stop me playing Fire Pro Wrestling D on the Dreamcast in Japanese). So naturally I am excited every year to grab the new WWE game, despite the fact that over the last few years I have been disappointed in how slow paced the games have become going for a more simulation experience as opposed to the more arcade/fighting game style, but never the less I still love them all. What makes this release special is that WWE is coming back to Nintendo with WWE2K18 being released on the Switch. Will it be a dumbed down port, most likely, but I am still excited what they manage to pull off and I really hope it takes off as the WWE games are great to just jump in for a few matches and put away which the Switch is perfect for when you’re trying to kill some time. Details on features and rosters are pretty slim at the moment so I can’t say much but I am expecting big things.


maxresdefaultMarvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Xmen vs Street Fighter are both my favourite fighting games of all time. I adore this franchise but was disappointed with Marvel vs Capcom 3 as I feel they dumbed down the controls and got rid of your standard 3 punch and 3 kick buttons. Fortunately after playing the demo up online  (get it if you haven’t already) alot of my worries were put to rest as the controls are definitely alot better now in my opinion. Now everyone is worried about the exclusion of the X-men and I don’t think I’ve even noticed Spiderman or Venom mentioned or shown at all which kind of sucks to the players who used those characters religiously, but if they didn’t change up the characters then we’d just be playing the same old game as we have for all these years, so I welcome the slew of new characters joining the roster and learning to use them and finding out who my new character of choice might be. The inclusion of a story mode definitely adds more meat to the game which is always welcome and the visuals are amazing, with great character animations and incredible stage designs that are vibrant and detailed to the brim. Bring on the new chapter of Marvel vs Capcom.

So there you have it, my top 10 upcoming games for the remainder of 2017, be sure to check out part 1 if you haven’t already. Now did i have to make some hard choices of what games not to include, you bet your ass I did, but with so many great titles coming out some things just have to make the cut.  Let me know in the comments what games your are looking forward to and what games you’re bummed aren’t releasing this year.


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