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REVIEW: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Summary: The worlds strangest and unexpected mashup is here. Developed by Ubisoft comes Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, A strategic rpg featuring characters from the Mario universe and the ever annoying yet somewhat lovable Rabbids.

Concept: In a strange turn of events, Mario and pals are sucked into a portal along with the Rabbids that melds both of their worlds into a weird hybrid land, the results are actually pretty spectacular. Sporting your assistant robot/rumba that takes the lead on the adventure, you scour the lands to try and reverse the mayhem that has been caused. It’s an engaging and funny adventure full of charm and quirky characters that surprisingly all gel really well together.

mrkb_sc_environments_13_angYes these really are in game graphics. They’re so beautiful I could cry

Graphics: Ubisoft have done something truly amazing and raised the bar for visuals on the Nintendo Switch. This game easily sports the best graphics for the system but it also stands up to its other console contemporaries. Everything is so crisp and smooth and of course running on the handheld mode it looks even better. I am still blown away at the love they put into creating not only the characters, but the worlds themselves, throwing in a lot of fan service for fans of the Mario bros. universe and retaining the crude humour of the Rabbids. Nintendo themselves are going to have a tough time trying to outdo these visuals.

Gameplay: When I first saw the E3 demo of Mario + Rabbids I was blown away to see how deep the strategy rpg elements really were. What i didn’t realise is how challenging some of the encounters and boss battles could be. This is definitely not a game for kids by any means as it takes time planning your next move and positioning your characters to not only gain the best advantage for offence but for defense too. The choice of choosing which 3 characters to take into battle and being able to swap between encounters is really great and keeps you thinking one step ahead of who will work best in the team you need for the task ahead. The use of cover, fighting from high-ground, splitting up or keeping your team close by all has its benefits and it’s always a fun time working out what style will suit best for each fight. Throw in weapons to purchase and unlock, a skill tree for each character, puzzles and challenges to complete, and a wealth of collectibles and you have a nicely fleshed out experience.

mariorabbidskingdom_2157233bThat rabbid is copping a missile straight down his pie hole

Sound: Mario games have always had amazing music, but what happens when another team takes the reigns? Surprisingly great things. Mario + Rabbids features some remixes of classic Mario tunes as well as its own music which is very reminiscent of Banjo Kazooie’s score and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love the music in this game, but that’s not all, all of the Mario universe characters sport their voices and the rabbids still sound as crazy as ever. Sound effects in battles sound great also, it’s just a really high level of quality.

Awesomeness: Honestly I would have never have thought of this mashup to begin with, but then to take it a step further I would never have thought of Mario in a strategy rpg using an arm cannon much like Megaman. It truly is the weirdest mix up of all things you wouldn’t expect and i commend Ubisoft for coming up with something unique and fresh and showing that there is plenty of room for new ideas to keep these long running franchises fresh. I honestly can’t say how much i love this game considering the how the E3 title announcement had me so confused and asking WHY?? I’m so glad they took a chance and boy has it paid off.

5927e76dca1a644d498b4578-5Everyone wants a pumpkin house

Final Word: I think I’ve said it all, this game is just the perfect amalgamation of all things weird and wonderful. Ubisoft is continually innovating with their diverse range of games and this is no different. They may cop a lot of hate at times, but they are really one of the only studios continuing to bring fresh ideas to the table and dip outside of their comfort zones. If you needed a reason to grab another game for your Switch, please don’t overlook this true gem of a game. You won’t be disappointed.

REVIEW: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Zorbz

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