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REVIEW: Cuphead

Summary: The 1930s called and brought with them a whole heap of walloping. Cuphead is here and it’s about to kick your ass.

Concept: Poor little Cuphead got too big for his breeches and made a deal with the Devil. Whilst on a role gambling away and winning all the gold he could fathom, he decided to take a deal laid out by ol Satan in which he put his soul as well as his Mugtastic friend/brother/compadre’s too on the line and let’s just say he didn’t win. What unfolds next, well you’ll just have to find out.

cuphead.1497219026I wouldn’t be smiling standing next to that abomination

Graphics: Everybody has seen 2D and 3D visuals to death with nothing really innovative happening. Well Cuphead decides to go back to the original animation days of the 1930s where everything was completely hand drawn and creates a gorgeous game that will have you believing you’re watching a cartoon. The animations are slick and everything runs so smoothly that it is hard to distinguish that a game is on screen and not something created by Walt Disney. To go with the animation style comes with it the screen tearing and fuzzyness that those old classics had and everything just looks so authentic. Easily one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen.

Gameplay: Balls to the wall difficult. This game will have you crying from fits of rage and sorrow after getting your ass handed to you repeatedly, however when you finally crush that boss that has been giving you grief for the last few hundred times, you’ll finally be crying tears of joy. The satisfaction you get after downing a level that has been completely destroying the very fabric of you is one of a kind, unless you’ve played Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy, then you understand. This is a basically a boss rush game mixed in with some run and gun levels like Contra of old and some Shmup levels for fans of the horizontal shooters. Now as hard as it is, there are some items to unlock and weapons to purchase to try work your hand at finding what is right for you and if the base level is too hard there is an option for a simpler version of each boss encounter, but it comes at a price. Every death will crush you but fortunately restarting a battle is quick to jump back into making multiple plays a breeze. I especially love the level meter that comes up after you die showing you how far you came to defeating a boss, it’s both motivating and also crushing when you realise you were only a few bullets away.

Cuphead-Baroness-Von-Bon-Bon_0Candy Land looks…different

Sound: From the menu song, to the music to the announcers voice, everything feels like it was ripped straight from the era it’s based. Although everything is chirpy and upbeat, it still has this menacing undertone to it which fits so perfectly. It’s unlike anything you’re used to hearing in a game and it is a nice welcome change.

Awesomeness: I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this game. Normally games that are hard for the sake of it are just downright frustrating, but when so much love has gone into the style and animations, to the music and sound effects, it just becomes so charming that you want to stick it out. The gameplay is simple yet so balanced with great hit detection that when you do die you know it was your fault and so you actively want to learn from your mistakes and press on. Now this won’t be for everyone but i suggest everyone give it a try if you can because as daunting as it may be, you too might be consumed by all Cuphead has to offer and be blown away by the masterpiece it is.

3295227-cuphead+screen+shot+9_28_17,+6.42+pmEasily my fav boss, look at that damn amazing monstrosity

Final Word: A very unique experience that is simple in context, yet so rewarding and satisfying that you realise, not everything has to be full of crazy deep mechanics using every button on the controller to be a treat to play. Cuphead is a one of a kind experience, maybe not in terms of its gameplay, but in it’s authentic recreation of 1930s animation. This game is clearly made with love and after all the delays, you can appreciate that the team behind it just wanted to polish up every aspect of the game. So go on and purchase Cuphead, just be mindful that you may end up in tears.

REVIEW: Cuphead Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs




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