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Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Summary: Ok the game has been out for awhile now ( i’ve been sick) so sorry for the delay. So here is a quick fire review.
I’m going to try and not be bias in this review, but dammit its hard. I grew up watching Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and now Dragon Ball Super……but i’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I’ll have to binge watch it soon. Dragon Ball is iconic, if not one of the most iconic action anime’s beloved around the world. From the team behind Guilty Gear, Arc System works, I cant think of a better company to bring this anime to life.

Graphics: Ugh the graphics, like I said I couldn’t think of a better company that Ark System Works to bring this game to life. I played Dragonball Xenoverse 2 & honestly I wasn’t a fan. The 2D artwork suits the style much better, keeping the anime element in the game. The colors as expected are vibrant and seeing all the moves come to life just makes you want to power up and scream until your hair turns yellow. The way all the super attacks happen on screen, the colors and special effects all different depending on each character, you cant help but stare at the screen and say wow. Your screen can get flooded with all the Ki blasts to make you see and feel the devastating power of each character.  Fans will be happy to see it all recreated perfectly and it will bring back memories watching some of the moves take place. The attention to detail is crazy, its like watching the anime while playing the game, the cut scenes are a 1 of 1 replica of the anime. Dragon Ball as much as we’d love it to come to life more, 3D couldn’t do it justice like 2D can. The lobby it self is quite cute and charming, with different chibis as your character to move around and interact with the different sections and with other players using emotes and stickers.


Gameplay: Let me start off with a con. Being able to invite a friend is frustrating, it’s downright annoying. You have to be on the same lobby, find the same room, then create a ring match and even THEN its not for sure you can play against your friend. Waiting for a match takes forever, I have even tested it out with just my other friend in a room and still couldn’t connect. Hopefully these issues will be addressed soon. I just want to be able to destroy my friend dammit.

The great thing about this game is the mechanics, it caters to new and casual players and to more advance competitive players to. They have also incorporated some of the same game mechanics which made Marvel vs Capcom 2 great, such as tag, assist and having a team of three.

Arc System Works have a notorious reputation for creating difficult and technical games. But here’s the thing, the controls are easy for beginners, there a very mash-able type feel to the controls that make you feel like you know what you are doing AND do damage at the same time. But dont get me wrong, this doesn’t mean advanced players will be bored or find it to easy. Yes combos are easy to do, press the same button couple times and you can bash the other player up . But here comes one of the more complicated aspects of the game, for veteran fighters theres a counter for everything in the game. You can also create a devastating string of combos with the right timing and moves. Not only can you do combos by yourself, more advanced players will take advantage of the 3 player team.

You dont only choose a team that works well together who can do a range of attacks and supers, but can also chose the order they can come out which can turn the tide of the match. By controlling this you can not only switch out players when needed for a specific move, but also combing their supers in a specific way can help you dominate the field. Each player has a specific super and combing them and seeing what works well is another way to bring out a more technical side to this game.
You will also see the difference between low ranked and high ranked players in the match. Yes you can see how good of an action game it is playing normally, however the more advanced players you can see during the matches is where it goes up a notch. Here you can see how the match is  more fast paced and more fluid this is how the matches can look once you have the combos and counters mastered. Some of those strings of combos are crazy.


Sound: Users can change the voice acting from Japanese to English which is a big plus depending on which version you watched as a kid. Nothing to fault with the voice acting or with the sounds of the Ki blasts. I can feel the screams coming off the screen  during the power ups. The game uses the typical high paced metal music most action games use, not saying the sound track is bad. But for such an iconic game, I wanted more. I’m not sure if there are restrictions or licensing issues but why not use the original soundtrack from the series? Use their own themes e.g Vegetas theme.

Awesomeness: All in all I think they did a great job with bringing this classic action anime to life. I feel the nostalgia throughout my whole time playing this. Not everyone will like the long cinematic in the story mode, but for fans it will feel like at times your watching the show. This game wont make new players to the franchise or to fighting games feel intimidated. There are a bunch of tutorials and the game is very generous with the in game currency. Yes there are the satisfying combos you can spam away with but there is also a complex and technical aspect for more veteran players to enjoy.

Final Word: All in all it is over 9000.

Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ Migsy

Out of 5 bugs




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