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Summary: Moss is a cutesy 3D action puzzle platformer…all in the confines of VR! Simple in theory but mechanically brilliant.

Concept: Set out like a children’s storybook, Moss is all about an adorable mouse named Quill who stumbles upon an ancient magical entity known as a ‘reader’ which happens to be the part you play as. As the reader you aid Quill on her journey as she sets off on an adventure to find her uncle after learning that he’s in grave danger. It’s a cute whimsical story that is particularly aimed at children, so don’t go expecting an action packed adult rated thrill ride.

moss_psvrLittle big adventure

Graphics: Visually Moss is one of the most stunning VR experiences I have played for the Playstation VR. It is filled to the brim with beautifully crafted environments that just ooze charm and with a great use of colour everything pop. The animation of Quill herself is pretty spectacular as she clambers onto things or swings her tiny sword, it’s all very adorable and lovingly created. Being set in the 3rd Person also really lends itself to this game perfectly because you get a real sense of scale and can often find yourself just looking around in awe.

Gameplay: Part action platformer/part puzzler, Moss is a great blend of styles that have you controlling Quill using the regular ps4 controls you’re all too familiar with but also having you as the ‘reader’ interacting with the environment to solve puzzles to enable Quill to pass on to her next objective. The adorable thing is the fact that Quill acknowledges you as the ‘reader’ and often looks up at you excited when you help her solve something. I even gave her a high five and it was magical. You do these motion controlled gestures with the ps4 controller itself just by moving it either left or right or pushing out or pulling it in towards you to maneuver obstacles around, place statues on pedestals or change the direction of mirrors reflecting light etc and they all work surprisingly well. Quill is able to jump with a simple press of a button which you will be doing a lot of as you climb up platforms or jump across ledges and she also has her trusty little blade which you can use to break open crates for collectible stardust or to fend off enemies. What is odd though is you dodge by pressing the attack and jump button together. Why this wasn’t just allocated to another button is beyond me but it still works easily enough. The use of the actual headset comes perfectly into play allowing you not only to look around the environments just to admire the view but to also look over certain obstacles or to find hidden passages. It really is such a unique blend of all different play styles blended nicely into one package.

https_blogs-images.forbes.commitchwallacefiles201802Moss_20180227230636‘Can I please live here?’

Sound: There is nothing better then having a good pair of headphones on when playing any title in VR and Moss takes full advantage of this. Using the Sony branded wireless 7.1 virtual surround sound headset (which you need to plug into the VR control attached to headset) I was blown away by the amount of detail as you hear birds fly by or critters scampering around, just the little touches that really put me in that world. The audio really made the experience a complete package. From memory i can’t recall any particular tunes, but that just means it blended in nicely as i can easily recall bad music just as well as catchy tunes.

Awesomeness: Playing a Game in VR is always a great unique experience and whilst some can be quite low budget feeling at times, you always seem to find something unique. Moss is definitely not low budget and what i found was a game that i actually wanted to keep playing. It didn’t feel like a gimmick or a tech demo but a fully fledged experience that i wanted to see through to the end. It proved that you can work something other then first person really well into VR.

moss-readerStudio Ghibli meets Journey

Final Word: Normally i find myself playing VR titles for less then an hour at a time as I just don’t find them as engaging as regular videogames. Sure they offer unique perspectives and offer new mechanics, but they normally don’t offer much in the way of storytelling or have enough control to warrant a full experience. Moss is the first title where i felt like i was playing a fully fledged game that just had incredible VR support that made me lose myself in it’s world. It retained the feel of using a regular controller and controlling a character as i normally would, yet also made me feel like i was in the world with the motion controls and being acknowledged by Quill herself. It truly is a unique experience and you can tell the developers put a lot of work into this title. Definitely for me it is simply the must own PSVR title on the market.

REVIEW: Moss Zorbz



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