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REVIEW: Dragonball Xenoverse 2 – Nintendo Switch

Summary: Dragonball Z Xenoverse 2 is a game that was originally released for the PS4, PC and XB1 in 2016, not long after the release of the original game in 2015. The game has since been ported to the Nintendo Switch console. What quality of life improvements does this iteration bring? How does it match up to the first Xenoverse game?

Concept: In this game you create your own character, selecting from various races in the DBZ universe, then you are drawn in to a world in which you are schooled to become the next great Time Patroller. In essence the story follows from the previous Xenoverse but still makes sense as a standalone concept. The bad guys are out there and meddling with time, changing core events that fans will recognize from the anime – your job is to set things straight and do what you can to change the flow of time back to how it should be. DBZ Xenoverse 2 is a solid concept, albeit essentially a rehash of its predecessor. For long time fans of the series this game presents the opportunity to insert your own character in to the DBZ universe relatively seamlessly. The concept of time travel and alternate timelines is already cannon in the anime, making this a well thought out story line to explore. In all honesty, I’m surprised it took this many years to decide that a game like this would be a good idea.

trixanne dbzBe the saiyan you want to be’ – Words to live by.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are bold and beautiful, a great translation from the 2D of the anime to the 3D of the game world. Character models look great with some nice textures in the environement and everything runs smooth with no noticeable lag, despite being on under-powered hardware in comparison to it’s PS4 & Xbox One counterparts. Compared to its predecessor, Xenoverse 2 seems to have upped the quality a little but I do however have a gripe about the lip synching in the cut scenes. The original Xenoverse went through the trouble of lip synching the 2D cut scenes for the English release however the 3D cut scenes seem to be left as is, possibly due to budget or time constraints. In Xenoverse 2 however, there seems to be some backpedaling occurring since not only are the 3D cut scenes out of sync, the 2D ones are too. This could’ve been an easy fix since after the games release fans have made efforts to edit these cut scenes themselves so that the English voice acting matches up, not a terribly difficult thing for the team to have done themselves before the release. This has happened with other recent games with a Japanese release such as Monster Hunter World, I hope this isn’t going to be a trend for the game industry.

Gameplay: The gameplay is smooth for the most part, you have a large list of skills to choose from via either buying them or earning them as quest rewards, which you can customise before missions and quests, this adds a great layer of depth to character customisation to suit your preferred play style. In addition you can boost your stats and orientate your gear to suit your preferred stat in a trade off to decreasing another stat. This makes it easy to play characters almost as if they were a class, tanky, glass cannon, melee or ranged, or anywhere in between. The sheer amount of combos can be mind boggling to new players, but there are plenty of tutorials built in to the game as quests with rewards that help teach you various combat techniques. The play style during combat can be reminiscent of fighting games such as Tekken, but with a large 3D landscape, don’t forget that your character can fly, so you have to accommodate for up and down as well! The controls for landing took me a little time to get used to. One minor issue that I’ve noticed is that the target lock isn’t always on point. Sometimes while attacking and changing directions mid attack your character won’t re-orientate to compensate. This can often mean well timed dodges followed by kamehamehas fired off in the opposite direction somewhere.

448770-xenoverse‘You better give me back my damn sandwich’

Sound: The game sticks to tradition here, incorporating a lot of soundtracks from the previous game as well as some sounds from the anime. As expected there are plenty of electric guitar numbers for fighting scenes and light upbeat melodies for the general atmosphere of the town. The voice acting is excellent, viewers of the TV series will recognise most of their characters here which can be something difficult to achieve in such a long running series. I’m quite happy with the work they have done here.

Awesomeness: Just being able to play through a story as your own customisable character in the DBZ universe alone is awesome, as well ass the ability to play online with friends and join together in missions. Another thing I’d like to note is that the portability of the Switch really helps here, the missions and story are broken up in to fast sections, with most being able to be completed within 5 minutes, then comes the next cut scene or quest reward. With a game so fast paced it really suits the switch platform where many players who are on short journeys or taking a lunch break, even waiting up for a friend will be able to make progress in their game in quick time. The pure essence of this game and its translation to Switch is something to be commended.

trixxxxx‘There’s always time for a little yoga’

Final word: All in all it is a good game but is very similar to the first, although the story itself is a continuation from the original game the game itself feels more like a remodeled and upgraded version of its predecessor, not unlike how Pokemon Sun and Moon compare to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is basically the same game with a few improvements chucked in and some extra customisations. I would recommend this game to die hard fans of the first Xenoverse who are eager to see the next part of the story, I would also recommend it to those who were curious about the first Xenoverse game but never got around to buying it. I believe that those who were just mildly amused with the first game won’t find much value in buying this game. This was a game built for the DBZ fan base, Its core target audience will be those who get the most enjoyment from the experience.

REVIEW: Dragonball Xenoverse 2 – Nintendo Switch Trixanne

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