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LVLUP Ep: 56 – Making Kratos Leviathan Axe from God of War – Playstation Media Event

Sorry for the delay guys, tech issues gah!


Was very honored and excited to be able to attend this event before the game was released.  Was an amazing experience thanks to PlayStation for bringing the game to life. Love when  companies go that extra mile to give gamers such a unique experience.

Unfortunately sound quality isnt the best at times I know, need to invest in some proper mics.

Towards the end, what wasn’t recorded was we actually had to sand down and shape the handles, and so it would fit snugly into the blade. One that was done, it was up to us if we wanted it to look “battleworn”, which of course I did and I got to play with the blowtorch to hahaha. Using the blow torch you gentle scorch down the handle, I made the bottom slightly darker since logically that would be where you hold the axe and it would have the most “worn” in part of the handle. I also blow torched the blade itself. That was interesting since heat cause it to oxidize and bring out more texture and  an oil spill like color to the metal before it cooled down. After that, to add in more texture, got a little bit of scotch brite to bring out a bit of shine in places. I was so proud of how it came out!

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