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The Good and The Bad – Electronic Arts E3 2018 conference

Battlefield V: No loot boxes and premium passes now. EA has learned from the Battlefront kerfuffle. Now set in World War II, we saw some planes, tanks and explosions. Some new teaser footage was revealed, but the real gameplay is going to be shown at the Xbox conference tomorrow. We also saw a snippet – and I mean snippet – of a story mode, also to be revealed tomorrow. I’m keen for a great new World War II game, but not a Michael Bay-style reimagining that this series is bound to overproduce.

FIFA 19: UEFA Champions league has been bought out as EA continue to monopolize the sports market. Otherwise expect same game, small tweaks and a roster update.

Origin Access Premier: EA is doing what I really don’t want it to do and that’s joining the streaming market and subscription based models. Of all publishers, it’s predictable that EA would be annoying enough to try to move on this. Basically you pay a subscription to have access to a bunch of old games to play sporadically any time. Sounds good in theory but seriously damages the market value. This renting model also means you wont ever own a game again. Fortunately it’s currently PC only for now, but somewhat pointless versus Steam and GOG.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: We saw nothing, just words for now. This game takes place during the dark times when the Jedi’s are being hunted, set between the film episodes 3 and 4. You will play as a Jedi and wield a lightsaber. Due ‘Holiday’ 2019. Interesting, but nothing to go off now…

Unravel Two: The sequel to Unravel about a little character made of yarn, you start the game having lost your spark, but literally join with another yarn character to reignite a new story. Play solo or co-op, there’s always two characters working together to swing into action and solve problems in this platformer. It looks like a fun little game, but no blockbuster.

Sea of Solitude: Another ‘dark’ kids game, so it first seemed. About a lonely girl called “kay” who is so lonely she’s become a monster (we’ve all been there). Her journey is about finding joy again to restore her humanity. At first I thought it sounded a little cheesy but the gameplay and design does look pretty wicked – also quite terrifying! This game is a nice surprise and EA is lucky to have it on board.

NBA Live 19: Despite playing second fiddle to NBA 2K for decades now, this annual series still hasn’t drowned. We saw some street ball gameplay, but how EA hasn’t given up the NBA scene after all this time is beyond us.

Madden 19: WR for the Pittsburgh Steelers, JuJu Smith-Schuster, made a live appearance with the Madden 18 champion to bore us to tears about what they’ve been up to. This was followed by a trailer that told us nothing about the new game. Expect a roster update.

Some F**king Mobile Game: Seriously EA, mobile gaming now at E3? Shame on you. I refuse to talk about it.

EA is taking your money to fund their political agenda: Disguised as “charity”, EA is ‘lefting’ the f**k out of the industry by sending a million dollars to three anti-bullying and feminism organizations. Now, if this charity was in support of real needs like solving homelessness, sick kids or medical research, for example, this would be a stellar move. But this bullying crap is so subjective, claim based and politically-biased, I question how this money truly improves anything for anyone.

Anthem: Making it very clear that this game was NOT an MMO, three key dev team members sat down to describe the game in detail that matches the very description of an MMO. The main difference, I suspect, is more time and effort into the story part. You play as a freelancer who is trained to wear a “Javelin Exo Suit” who fights against their ancient rivals, “The Dominion”. There’s four of these Javelin suits: The Ranger, The Colossus, The Interceptor and The Storm, each with its own skills. You can switch between suits as required, and customise the paint jobs. But what about the person in the suit? No word on that – it looks like they will disappointingly cop-out on soul with a lifeless, faceless Destiny/Halo approach. The compressed gameplay preview showcased a lot of flying around in jetpacks and shooting from the sky. Honestly this looks a lot like Warframe with less character variety and more story. Out Feb 22nd 2019, I’m still in a lot of doubt about this game. One thing is clear: old Bioware remains DEAD.



Show Highlight: Sea of Solitude

Show Lowlight: Charity Political Agenda Funding

Overall Grade: C

Final Comments: If we “must” continue with Battlefield, then WWII is probably the right way to go. Anthem still sits in my “Hmmm” pile as my doubts remain unchanged despite more details revealed. I do really like the look of Sea of Solitude and Unravel Two looks like a nice sequel to the quaint original.

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