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The Good and The Bad – Bethesda E3 2018 conference

Rage 2: This showcase was just cringe-worthy to sit through. Both the game and the presenters tried pushing their woeful sense of humor (and music) in our faces, and it went down like a lead balloon. As for the game itself, I’m scratching it OFF my wish list. The new direction is just horrible silliness. The few things I liked about the first game is gone, replaced by lesser graphics (respective times or release considered) and dumb, mindless shooting out in the open. It offers nothing new and looks like just another generic first-person shooter. The original trailer we all hated is pretty much a good summary for this game. Goodbye, Rage. You’ve changed.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Summerset: Another Bethesda conference, another tedious trudge through what updates have been happening in one of the worst MMO’s ever. Nobody cares, Bethesda. Nobody. If you really have drawn any suckers into playing this MMO through namesake alone, you are lucky that they weren’t smart enough to try another MMO first. It’s been awkward watching all these guys talk on stage so far.

DOOM Eternal: Speaking of mindless first-person shooters, DOOM is back. This is a legit sequel to the recent reboot, which wasn’t horrible and designed, I suppose, to be that natural evolution of old-style run and gun. The cinematic trailer we saw showcased some demons in a hell-on-Earth setting. All I hope is that they bring back that awesome soundtrack.

Quake Champions: *Sigh*… These presenters are desperately milking for crowd cheers with long breaks between sentences and verbal acknowledgements when one of their buddies yells out something to them. What trash. I’ve seen and played this game, it’s crap. Almost as crap as this Bethesda conference. Nothing was revealed here, just another trailer and some dude trying to urge more players to join this old, generic game that should have died a long time ago.

Prey: Mooncrash: This is DLC for that reboot game, Prey, which was so extremely disappointing after witnessing the amazing Prey 2 preview. I guess when Bethesda realized that Prey 2 wasn’t going to be a pathetic FPS, they had to cancel it immediately and replace it with one. Look at all this s**t we’ve had to sit through so far. Good f**king grief…

Wolfenstein Youngblood: Oh look, another run-and-gun FPS. How original, Bethesda. Here you play as B.J. Blaszkowickiwczkczcz’s twin daughters, either solo or co-op. At this stage I’d normally walk out and quit life, but at least the new Wolfenstein games have some decent story and enough substance to make it special. This has the potential to be quite cool and I like the direction. We’ll see.

Fallout 76: I do love my Fallout, but no, I’m not ready for another one. Too much too soon. But it turns out that this game is open world and online, a shared experience with other players. Since the Fallout series allows for anything you want, this game comes with a lot of risk and some serious balancing concerns. You can team-up, destroy, build shelters, or even launch nukes. If anything, it’s an interesting experiment but I wonder if they can keep it’s player base happy and avoid people abusing the system.

The Elder Scrolls – Blades: So they’ve made an Elder Scrolls game for mobile phones, because Bethesda, too, have been suckered in by app sales (Fallout Shelter). While impressive that this kind of tech is doable on phones, when I hear mobile game, I want to smash my head through my desk. From first person perspective, you traverse in distant taps and swipe to block, attack and cast spells.

Starfield: Finally a new IP from these guys. The name had been leaked out earlier and today we learned nothing new about it. Today, however, is the official announcement. We’ll look forward to actually seeing something probably next year.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Okay, then they throw this huge title at the end as well – also without showing anything. It’s uncharacteristic of Bethesda to announce something so early in development. Why? I think the Wallmart leak (which seems more legit as they continued to snap at Wallmart during the show) has them re-evaluating their timing strategies. It’s a shame, we liked it when they broke the long-lead trend with Fallout 4’s reveal and release the same year. It set a new bar for other developers, who have since followed the trend with much praise. Anywho, this is also quite exciting, but nothing to see yet.



Show Highlight: Wolfenstein: Youngblood(?)

Show Lowlight: Rage 2

Overall Grade:  D

Final Comments: Presenter Todd Johnson has a unique way of building up extraordinary hype for games that may or may not be that hype-worthy. Most of the time it’s fairly warranted, but had he not talked up Fallout 76 for 45 minutes, I do wonder how much I’d actually care about it. Obviously Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI would be winners here if we actually saw anything (and looked good, of course), so for now, I’m most excited for this teased Wolfenstein II mini-sequel. Everything else was just painful to sit through, like a visual hernia. I could have quite happily skipped this show entirely.


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