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Resident Evil 0, 1 & 4 Switching it up!

Resident Evil 0, 1 (the remake) and 4 have all been recently released on the Nintendo Switch and boy are they still as fantastic as ever.

Now whilst I was going to do a review for them, it’s a bit silly considering these 3 are some of my favourite games of all time and simply put I would rate them 5 out of 5 no matter what console i’m playing them on! What i will do is just talk briefly about what you’re getting out of these Nintendo Switch editions.

Resident Evil 1

Starting off with the versions themselves, they all seem to be ports of the PS4 releases in which all three titles had all their textures updated and the resolution bumped up significantly from the original Gamecube releases that graced us over a decade ago. Back on the Gamecube these games were easily some of the best looking games around at the time and surprisingly they still really hold up really well, especially with the updated textures and resolution to make them pop on modern displays.

Now it’s obvious by now that I really love playing the Switch pretty much exclusively in portable mode and in the case of Resident evil 4 this was still true, however Resident Evil 0 and 1 I actually preferred playing in docked mode and here lies my only issue with Res Evil 0 and 1 for Switch – the lack of button mapping. When playing in portable mode with the Joy-cons, you can’t use the bigger shoulder buttons (ZL & ZR) and instead have to use the almost microscopic L and R buttons with no way to change this layout in the options. So for an adult this is definitely an issue because those buttons are tiny, which is a shame because Resident Evil 4 allows you to use the bigger shoulder buttons making it a breeze to play through in portable mode. Besides that one major flaw in portable mode, Res Evil 0 and 1 in docked or even portable using a pro controller is back to feeling amazing again. Besides the issue with the joy con, another slight issue is there’s a bit of lag in some areas in all titles, but nothing that really took me out of the experience.

Resident Evil 0

Visually Resident evil 4 looks crisp but it does look the most dated of the 3 titles due to the fact everything is rendered in 3D, where as Resident Evil 0 and 1 sport pre-rendered backgrounds which look absolutely fantastic and really make this game hold up against any other current switch title you might be playing. The character models are still rendered in 3D but they fit beautifully against the backdrops and set pieces and have a real nice clean polish to them. Overall all three titles look amazing and there’s no complaints on my end, although much like the new resident evil 2 remake, I would love to see a full remake for Resident Evil 4 as it is probably my favourite game of the series.

Now Resident Evil games are known for cheesy voice acting but it really fits that campy B-grade horror vibe and when you add the outstanding music and ambiance in all three titles, you’re in for an audio delight. I recommend playing these with headphones to get the full experience of the amazing sound design.

All in all each game is fantastic in its own right, with Res Evil 1 being the godfather of survival horror games, enough said to Resident Evil 0 with its character swapping mechanics that basically play as a one player version of co-op. It’s a neat mechanic and changes the gameplay up enough to make it stand on its own whilst retaining a similar look and feel to Resi 1.
Resident Evil 4 on the other hand is where the franchise gameplay shifted and went from the tank control 3rd person perspective to a more action focused over the shoulder perspective that many titles over the years have emulated. It was simply revolutionary.

I literally believe all three games to be masterpieces and ones that I continually go back to and replay. I now own the games on Gamecube, Wii, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and now Nintendo Switch and I will most likely keep purchasing every re-release as to me they’re just that damn good. So if that hasn’t sold you on them then I don’t know what will. Seriously go and do yourself a favour and buy these amazing games.

Now for the countdown until Resident Evil 5 and 6 are released on the switch in the next few months.

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