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Super Mario Maker 2 is here and upon us and is ramping up the craziness of the original game to bring you even more tools and customisation to create some truly wacky and wonderful worlds.

Concept: As a follow up to the original Super Mario Maker on the Wii U and 3DS, Super Mario maker follows the same main theme of creating and sharing your levels with friends and the online community at large, however it is more refined and has local co-op options to add an extra layer of fun. Whilst the main concept remains similar, Nintendo has created a little story mode, and I say little as it’s light on a story as such as you basically have to rebuild peaches castle, however content wise there’s over 100 Nintendo made levels to play to earn coins allowing you to progress in having the castle rebuilt. It’s a nice way of having players jump into some absolute wacky levels and also acts as a great tutorial as it shows you what can be created with all the items and tools at your disposal.

Graphics: In terms of visuals, you have a variety of different options, from the Original Mario bros, Mario Bros 3, Super Mario world, Super Mario U and now as a new surprise, Mario 3D World. As you select a theme the visuals reflect the game exactly as it was in that era, so it’s a bit hard to rate visuals when they range from super blocky 2D to a more 2.5D aesthetic. All I will say though is each style looks fantastic and as it’s in HD really looks crisp on modern displays. Everything is vibrant and full of charm and it’s really up to the users themselves how much effort they want in to creating some truly stunning levels.

Gameplay: The platforming in Mario Maker 2 reflects the game style you’re playing in. Whether it’s the precise platforming of the traditional Super Mario Bros, to the more floaty feeling New Super Mario bros U, every game style is exactly as you remember it. Once again this makes it hard to rate because each person has their own personal preference, but at the end of the day all these games were masterpieces. Now the levels Nintendo created are great fun and polished, user generated ones though are all up to the people creating them, so it’s just about the time and effort put in.

On the creation side of things, there is so much to love about Super Mario Maker 2 as there’s items that can be used in all titles on offer that weren’t even in the original game which is absolutely crazy and can really enhance what you’ve come to love about those originals. You can create huge complex levels, to really simple or challenging quick runs. The sky’s the limit and with the ability to mix and match things that you thought would never be possible.
Creating the levels themselves on the handheld is great and easy to do as you can use the touchscreen or a compatible stylus, in docked mode though, using a controller can be quite cumbersome and frustrating, but i’m sure there’ll be wizards out there using the controller like it’s no problem.

Sound: On the music front you have a lot of the classic tunes from the games represented, along with some awesome new sound effects that you can trigger in your user created levels to spruce them up and add a bit of comedic moments, It’s all hilarious like having a scream of anguish trigger as you fall down a hole to your doom or have the sound of cheering go off as you reach a tough platform. It’s these little touches combined with the fantastic music that really shines through.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is where Super Mario Maker really shines. The ability to share all your levels online (once you’ve managed to complete them on your own) and rate, comment, like and download other users content, there’s just so much that you could play this for years and still find something new. The more you put in the more you’ll get out of it. The ability to search for levels is a lot more refined and being able to download your fave user created levels and now play in local co-op is a fantastic new addition that gets the days of couch co-op back. levels download in a flash, everything is fast and responsive. It’s really a great interface Nintendo have created.

Awesomeness: The awesomeness section comes down this time to replayability. This is a game that you can play as I said earlier for years to come. As long as people are actively making levels regularly you could essentially play this game until Nintendo decides to shut the servers down. It’s a great experience for the young and the old, for new fans and die hards alike.

Final Word: Now as I said throughout, this is one tough game to review because it’s essentially 5 games in one with all different visuals, mechanics and music. The levels users create reflect how great the game can be, so it’s up the everyone to make the experience as best as it can be. My way main caveat is that if you’re not a fan of the Mario series, then this really isn’t for you. Also if you have no desire to create levels or going online and are solely relying on the Nintendo created levels then i think you will be let down as this really is about creating as opposed to a streamlined Mario title.
All in all for those creators, collaborators, streamers and couch co-op loving people out there, a lot of fun and laughs are to be had in Super Mario Maker 2

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