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REVIEW: Dragon Quest Builders 2

It came as a shock surprise when I jumped into the first Dragon Quest Builders and loved it. My first thought when Dragon Quest Builders was announced was ‘How can they draw me back in without it feeling exactly the same as before?’ Let’s just say a lot. Read below to find out.

Concept: Dragon Quest Builders 2 starts out like a whole new experience which works well for people who didn’t play the first title. This is great for bringing in a new audience so that they aren’t bombarded with jargon that they have no context for. Now you might think, well where’s the continuity for people who did play the first, well you’re in luck! The story drops in references to the first game as it progresses, and develops a real mystique about what happened in between the two games. It was enough to keep me engaged the whole time as an overarching story and I could see it being even more appealing for people who had zero clue as to what was unfolding. If i’m being vague then job well done because i’m not one for spoilers.

Graphics: Visually it’s much the same as the first game which is to say it’s very colourful, cutesy and melds a more visually pleasing Minecraft aesthetic with a chibi anime look of characters and enemies.
There’s plenty of varied environments with new crafting options slowly added in to keep the wow factor going of what you can create. It really is up to you as the player to create the world and landscape you want to see. As long as you’ve got an imagination, you can truly make some awe-inspiring settings.

Character animations are great, it’s especially funny watching these stubby little characters move about and I love all the different enemy varieties which most will be familiar with from previous Dragon Quest titles over the years. If you’re wanting something dark, gritty and lifelike then this isn’t for you.

Gameplay: DQB2 gameplay hasn’t really changed up from the Minecraft-esque building mechanics and action RPG combat. It was handled well in the first game and i’m glad they didn’t make too many adjustments. There’s a whole host of welcome additions to things you can build, landscapes to terraform and vehicles to get around the huge environments.

Battles are handled better now as you have Malroth accompanying you everywhere you go and acts as the powerhouse, helping you defeat tougher enemies with alot more ease. He also helps you collect items and resources too which is a massive plus as it speeds up the game without it feeling like a chore to grind, helping you to get to more building and less of the scavenging.

The main thing gameplay wise that I felt was handled really well and improved upon was the story progression and overall structure of missions. This really feels like a straight up RPG where as the first one was a little bit thinner in that department. The story is better handled and the characters have more depth to them, making it feel like a much more complete product. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the first game, but DQB2 just gave me everything I was hoping a sequel would deliver.

Sound: There’s no voice acting present in DQB2 and honestly it’s not needed. The text is short and sweet with everything being straight to the point. If reading isn’t your thing then you’re able to glide through it without it being forced.

The music is what builds the story, you know when you’re in your base vs when you’re out in enemy territory due to the music changing. The themes are catchy and upbeat and along with the characters grunts, groans, and other little noises they produce, it just ends up working. You will be hearing the same tunes over and over, but honestly it was never an issue for me as I was just humming along the entire time.

Awesomeness: The awesomeness factor comes in many forms here with the most obvious being that the game can be played with up to 4 players co-op online as well as having the ability to share your worlds and creations with the community. It’s a great way to see what can really be achieved and helps to strike up the ol imagination.

The amount of content and limitless creations is insane, now it might not be to the extent of Minecraft, but this to me is to it’s benefit as there is a lot more structure with a fully fledged story and a whole playground to mess around with if you choose to. It’s what I thought Minecraft lacked with a missing story mode or real end goal. There was no context for what you were doing, where as Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the best of both worlds.

Final Word: I was looking forward to jumping in and seeing if I got the itch to build and manage farms, communities and the like again. I can safety say that with enough time passed between the two games I was easily consumed by the world of Dragon Quest Builders again and it hit me with everything I wanted out of a sequel and more.

This is a game that starts off slow and just continuously builds and builds (no pun intended) keeping you more and more engaged and wanting to see what’s next. When I wasn’t playing DQB2 I was constantly looking at the clock until I could get back to playing it, it just sucked me right in and I think it can do the same for a lot of people who maybe let it fly under their radar. Overall it’s a fantastic game that i’m still playing, even after review!

REVIEW: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!


Summary: This is a game that starts off slow and just continuously builds and builds (no pun intended) keeping you more and more engaged and wanting to see what's next.


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