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REVIEW – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare *Campaign*

Call of Duty is back with another entry, however this time it is a reboot of the Modern warfare series fans fell in love with. How does this one stack up against the previous titles? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

Story: Just to start off with I am simply going to say ‘wow’. This is the campaign fans of the series have been waiting for; the story is great, it’s engaging, well-paced and follows along with multiple characters whose paths all cross at points in time to make a very coherent plot line. Fan favourite SAS Captain John Price returns as well as some other characters that may have been in the original but it’s been so long that I can’t even remember, either way though they all put on an amazing performance.

The plot takes place across London and a made up country called Urzikstan with the story having similarities to real life events like the Syrian war as well as some of the London terror attacks. This heightens the drama as this is reflective of what really happens in the throes of war and really makes you empathize with the characters you deal with. Infinity Ward definitely didn’t pull back any punches with how graphic things can get and how disturbing some of the imagery can be such as watching civilians being mowed down or children being killed in explosions. It can be quite shocking but hey, that’s unfortunately the world we live in and it’s a stark reminder that these things do happen across the globe and it can be a harsh reality.

Graphics: This has to be one of the best looking Call of Duty games to date with some really impressive character models, facial animations and texture detail. This is not only on the characters themselves but the environments, clothing and just about everything is filled with so much detail that it really is quite impressive. The lighting also has taken a big jump and looks fantastic, creating the perfect atmosphere, especially when you’re doing a stealth mission at night. Also if you’ve got a TV capable of HDR then you’re in for a treat as this really makes the colours pop on screen whilst retaining the deep blacks in dark areas. There were only a few slight graphical issues that came up during gameplay but I think I only counted 3 occasions where textures warped and these were only for a second or so before correcting, so nothing major.

Gameplay: One thing that has remained consistent in the Call of Duty franchise has been its smooth frame-rate and fast, fluid shooting mechanics. This is still a strong point for the Modern Warfare reboot and many players have been saying it feels even better than previous titles. Me personally, I can’t tell much of a difference, but it was never a case of it feeling off to me in any way in the first place.

The best thing about gameplay in this campaign is how many varied mission types there are to play through. One mission you will be running and gunning enemies in an intense battlefield, to quietly going through a building with your team using night vision to take out targets whilst avoiding civilians, to a completely stealth mission. Along the way you’ll be shooting, lobbing explosives, and smoke grenades, to calling in air strikes, using drones to blow up targets as well as a whole array of other weapons and explosives. It’s this change up in each level that really keeps it feeling fresh and not just another entry treading the same ground.

Sound: Audio has always been a strong point for call of duty, especially if you’re using surround sound or a really high quality headset. You’re able to hear footsteps of enemies or players online which can give you the advantage to hear where they are coming from and plan your next move. The guns and explosives all sport beefy sound effects that really make them feel like the deadly weapons they really are.

In terms of voice acting this is top notch stuff. All the characters are voiced by some true talent that know how to portray real emotion in their performances and come off sounding truly believable which makes the story seem like an actual movie that you’re engaged in.

Awesomeness: The main thing that sets this campaign apart from previous entries is the sheer variety in mission design along with the intense and engaging story to really bring out something fresh in the franchise that has been missing for quite a while. It was fun to play through and the achievements tied to each mission are worth going and replaying them through to obtain.

Final Word: All in all this is an absolutely fantastic reboot and a nice fresh vitalization of the franchise. I’m actually excited to see what comes next after having fall a bit flat on my excitement for any of the more recent Call of Duty titles.

If you had given up on the franchise, I would highly recommend giving this a go as it is a real return to form with enough variety to set itself apart at the same time.

REVIEW – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare *Campaign* Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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