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REVIEW: Dreams

I’m basically going to start this review with this simple fact.

If you want something different from all the other games out right now, you should buy this game. It retails for 54.95 currently at EB Games and its worth every cent. Make sure you play through Arts Story, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised that the whole introduction was made in just this game. No special software or hardware needed, the ability to create your dreams is not only in the palm of your hand, but on your humble gaming console the PlayStation.

Concept: I hesitate to call Dreams a game, only because it’s so much more than that. But for this review purpose it’s a game, a game made by Media Molecule who are the creators and minds behind little big planet and Tearaway (which is another crazy imaginative game, I hear so many stories from my partner about this game). Dreams is a game that well…. basically brings your dreams and imagination to life, and it’s all controlled by you. You don’t only create games, you create music, paintings, interactive imagery, a scene, short animations, mini movies, sculptures and so much more. Basically you create art, you literally create your dream and manifest it into reality.

This review will be so hard to write, it honestly is the hardest review I’ve had to pleasure of writing or had to talk about. Not because its a bad game, quite the opposite, its just that there is so much jam packed into this little game, the majority you just need to be able to experience.  I talk to my partner ( Moku online ID ) about this game so much, we watch each other try it, try other dreams, and talk about the potential of this game which I’ll go into more detail below. To put it simply it is just a game, yet at the same time it’s so much more than that, and it crosses so many different categories and genres. There really is something for every creative mind and mood your in.

Gameplay: When I first heard about this game I was worried that it would be a bit to much for me, that I wouldn’t be able to grasp it at all, that I might not have fun just creating. However that wasn’t the case, the game teaches you what you need to learn with fun mini tutorials and the use of your “imp” to possess the little cone character or to interact with the items on screen. The possibilities are endless in this game, and it isn’t just about creating either. There is a massive community online for you to view other peoples creations.

It’s one of those games where at the beginning you feel like you’re going be thrown into the deep end, that there’s too much, its overwhelming, I’m not a game dev etc….it only feels intimidating at first because you have so much choice. I’ve even gone days wondering what should I create, what will be my first dream, how will I make it? But trust me you can get lost in this game, but in a good way. Once you do all the tutorials, play the games, you get a feeling of what this game is able do to and what you are able to achieve in dreams. You start to slowly get a feel of the tools and once you do your off, you’ll be creating in no time.

When you’re not creating your home space which is your HUB or creating your dream masterpiece, you can dream surf.  Dream Surfing is the section you see all the content not only made by molecule to show you what the game is capable of, but ones made by other “dreamers” around the world.
It’s also categorized in very easy ways to navigate, Molecule made games, community ones, most popular etc. and then you can also browse by category, e.g. games, music, sculptures. The great thing is even if the dream your visiting isn’t finished, you can follow the creator  to revisit their creations, to see if it was completed or if they have made ore games. You can also give it a thumbs up, kind of like upvoting. The most highly voted games will go into a category so you can view the top choices if you wanted to have a quick browse and see whats popular. There are some amazing games that people have created and recreated,  for example I visited a dream where someone recreated P.T and it was amazing.

Control wise you can use the controller or the PlayStation move controller. I don’t have the move controller but I have used one before and I can see using the move controller would be easier in some ways, more fluid etc. The PS controller seems to work just fine. you just need to re centre yourself at times.

Since its all still a bit new, you’re going to see a variety of quality, some photo realistic and some aren’t so much. It really is one of those games where you really do pour hours into your masterpiece and a little fiddly since it is such a big game to learn.  So expect a few bugs in some creations, not molecules fault, but more so just people still learning and tinkering with the game. I’ve come across one where the menu was stuck, or the character couldn’t move after awhile. A lot of other creations you’ll see the creators write “WIP” or work in progress. So if your interested be sure to follow them for updates.

Another great thing is you can search via filters and tags. so, if you’re in the mood for something, or want to see if someone recreated it, have a search. It really will amaze you with what you’ll find, or how people are able to recreate certain scenes or characters in this game.

There is also a little introduction game made by molecule called Arts dream. It’s a must play, and I highly recommend you try it out first before delving into Dreams further. It show cases Dreams and shows you the potential of how powerful and beautiful this game is. I won’t speak about it too much because spoilers. but its definitely an experience and you get to use the Imp alot to.

Awesomeness: You don’t have to be a pro to make the most of this game, just being able to make something is so satisfying. This game isn’t just for creative minds, but for people who also want something different in today’s genre of games. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t have to create games to have fun. You can spend your time decorating your area and collecting items found within Molecules games to add into your Hub. Or spend the whole time dream surfing, viewing other peoples creations around the world. Who knows maybe something will inspire you.

As stated before, i’ve had so many talks with Moku in regards to the potential of this game. During our discussions he said something to me that I truly agree and believe in. That this is a game that not only people of all ages will enjoy playing, but this could potentially inspire the next generation of gamers. All the young creative minds of the next generation will be able to not only create art and music, but this could push game development, ideas and creations further with this game. This could unknowingly  light the fire in their minds and spark the interest of game development.

This game could truly light the way for future creators by having it all at their fingertips in the form of a game they can turn on whenever they want. Children now a days have so much technology available to them to learn and interact with. Sphero for kids that teaches them how to code moving objects,  Nintendo Labo Boxs for creativity and little games where they learn to code and with computers being made more available to them in schools to just to name a few.

Final Word: This game is basically visual and auditory ASMR when starting out, and more so when dream surfing. I have found so many amazing games, wonderful music, and beautiful imagery. You can spend your time creating your own “dreams:” or surf around and experience, view, play, listen to other people’s creations. Dreams is so refreshing to play, something different compared to all the games out right now.

Yes if you have absolutely no interest in a giant creative game this wont be for you , some games wont be for everyone. However if you are even slightly interested in anything creative I highly recommend you try out this game you wont be disappointed and i’m sure you’ll be amazed  as well.

I’ll end the review with this:

Dreams is such a powerful and beautiful game with endless potential.

REVIEW: Dreams Migsy

Out of 5 Bugs!




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