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REVIEW: Resident Evil 3 Remake

Capcom is back with a remake of Resident Evil 3 and just like their fantastic remake of RE2 last year they once again nail it! Now I know I should probably give a bit more information about the game, so let’s dig in!

Story: The story is set during the same time frame as Resident Evil 2 with events linking back to the previous game, just from a different perspective with the focus on Jill and Carlos, as they deal with a whole new threat – Nemesis!
You will explore new areas of the city, as well as some familiar ones from the previous game, as well as encountering some new enemies, characters, and a totally different story that links nicely to the previous title making it feel like one big cohesive plot. This is one game where I definitely recommend playing the previous entry for it to all culminate nicely.

Graphics: Resident Evil 3 remake is absolutely stunning on the Xbox One X running at a full native 4K resolution with some sort of checkerboard rendering technique. This is an improvement over the previous game not only in the resolution department but as well as the insanely eye popping use of HDR. Who would have thought Resident Evil would ever be so colourful but damn do those neons shine! This is easily one of the best looking games I’ve played to date by far.
This has to have some of the best lighting effects in use and for a horror game that’s exactly what is needed to set the mood and set the mood and atmosphere it does!

With the bump in resolution does come the main downfall. The frame rate is noticeably temperamental and rarely hits that 60fps rate with it dropping consistently. At first it was so bad that I almost wanted to just wait for a patch to arrive on launch. Fortunately once you get passed the main intro and into the game it does balance out a bit better but overall it’s pretty inconsistent and drop in resolution to lock that 60fps or at least keep it close would have been nice.

UPDATE: This was my experience at before launch, however as of recently the game has been patched to reduce the resolution to that of Resident Evil 2 remake on the X and it is a saving grace. The reduce in resolution has made the frame rate sooooo much more consistent hitting that 60fps target a lot more with a lot less noticeable slowdown. You may be disappointed in a hit to resolution but it’s honestly not noticeable and well worth it for the smoother gameplay.

Gameplay: On the gameplay front I feel that it is a lot more balanced then the second game which is a big plus…no more having to shoot some zombies 20 times in the head to finally kill them and draining all your ammo.
The enemies feel slightly more aggressive this time around too, but given the arsenal of weapons from pistols to machine guns and grenade launchers, it comes together nicely and feels more action focused then survival horror. Don’t get me wrong though, you don’t want to just blast through your ammo by any means, but the focus on combat is definitely higher then RE2, especially since there is a lot less emphasis on puzzles too. Now that’s not to say that the scares are gone because enemies are still creepy as hell and do pose a threat so you will be cautiously checking around every corner to make sure a zombie doesn’t spring up and eat your face off.

Sound: The voice acting is really well done and the music/atmosphere is intense and has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Jump scares are still there and damn did they get me a few times which really adds to the overall tension. One slight thing I did notice pretty much instantly too is that the guns sound more beefy, which somehow makes your shots feel all the more powerful and just that bit more rewarding. Who would have thought that sound effects can impact the way a game feels….wizardry.

Awesomeness: I think one major concern people will have is the length of the game. This is not as long as RE2 and in some ways kind of feels like a spin off rather then a direct sequel, especially without having Leon and Claire’s separate campaigns. For me personally though I thought it was just the right length and given the collectibles you can hunt down and post game items you can unlock, it gave me more reason to jump back in as it didn’t feel like a slog doing a giant 20 – 30+ hour campaign. The campaign will set you back between 7 – 12 hours on your initial play through, depending how much back tracking and collectible hunting you do. I have replayed the game three times back to back and each time feeling more god like with some of the cool items i purchased on the main menu shop. The store unlocked after completing the game initially has things like in game buffs to new weapons and unlimited ammo, all of which is purchased through points you accumulate from completing certain in game tasks.

What is included to make up for a lack of campaign length is Resident Evil Resistance, a multiplayer focused separate game. Unfortunately multiplayer games pre-release are pretty impossible to play with only one copy so I haven’t been able to test this yet, but it is a nice addition to have for those wanting something extra.

Final Word: Overall I was extremely happy with Resident Evil 3 and just hope they remake all the main line entries (Including Code Veronica next!) The tension was high, the graphics jaw dropping, audio design eerie and effective and gameplay tight. A true standard set for how remakes should be!

UPDATE: The score is now reflective by a half point increase in gameplay bringing it to a solid 5 thanks to the patch which has made the game feel much smoother and fast paced!

REVIEW: Resident Evil 3 Remake Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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