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REVIEW – Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Saints Row The third is back on current gen consoles and no it’s not just an up-res, there’s a bit more to this ‘remaster’ which will have die hard fans and newbies alike happy campers.

Story – The story is a whacky crime drama that starts with the saints losing everything, from their money, control over the city and reputation leaving you and the crew trying to take back the city and rebuild to become the crazy gangster empire that you once were. It’s cheesy, crude and downright hilarious at times. There’s some crazy side missions that are just straight up nuts and follow no logical plot point, but they’re fun and so so stupid. It’s basically the lunatics GTA.

Graphics – It won’t win any awards with this remaster as it still doesn’t look up to scratch compared to other current gen games, but the characters and textures have been updated, draw distance is better, resolution is upped. It just looks how you imagine it back in the day, but comparing it side by side with the last gen version you can see a noticeable upgrade and a welcome one at that. It still retains a somewhat cartoony look to the characters set in a vibrant city landscape filled with neon drenched streets at night. As I said it may not be the flashiest looking game but what it may lack in looks it sure makes up for on the gameplay front.

Gameplay – With this remaster comes a significant improvement on the gameplay front and that is now being able to play the game at a rock solid 60fps, which feels so much smoother and it makes the game a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable. The vehicles feel ridiculously fast and responsive, the gunplay although not the tightest still packs a punch and I love how weighty your attacks feel, especially melee ones. The missions are quite varied and that’s always a plus in an open world game. I love the side missions because this is where stuff just gets crazy like trying to get injured as much as possible in a time frame to claim insurance money, to competing in the Genki bowl which is a gameshow in a way where you murder people for points and need to make it to the finish dodging all sorts of traps. It’s stuff like this that sets it apart and while it won’t be to everyone’s taste because of how crude it is, it’s to me what a videogame should be…fun.
In a nutshell if you’ve played GTA you know how to play saints row, just be prepared for things to go up to 11.

Sound – There’s actually a killer soundtrack on offer here and I appreciate the 80s bangers and metal hits on offer. Nothing better then ploughing down the street in a tank blasting enemies with a great track playing in the background. It has a wide range of genres from classical to rap, rock, electro and metal. The voice acting is surprisingly good and a lot of the cheap jokes actually made me chuckle, which is hard to pull off if the writing or voice acting is bad. I can’t really fault any particular area in the sound department.

Awesomeness – I think despite having already played it, jumping back in and still having a blast shows that it really is a great time. I had fun throughout it and there’s enough there to keep you coming back. It’s easy to jump in for a few hours and come back at another time without forgetting what you’re up to or even how to play. There’s loads of content to play through and while some missions can be a miss, with all the crazy weapons, vehicles and locations to purchase and customisable outfits to unlock, it keeps you wanting more.

Final word – If you’ve never played saints row the third then do yourself a favour and grab it, particularly if you like open world games but want something a bit more slapstick that doesn’t take itself seriously.
For fans who’ve played it before, if you feel like playing this style of game and you really enjoyed it before, I say why not cos I enjoyed playing through it again!

REVIEW – Saints Row: The Third Remastered Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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