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PREVIEW: Marvel’s Avengers

Zorbz here, I was fortunate enough to sit down and play several hours of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers Beta. Here’s what I thought:

‘Jumping into the beta I didn’t really know what to expect, were we getting something heavily story focused or was the emphasis on multiplayer? Well from what I played it’s actually both.

The first mission that started up was the demo people have probably seen or even got a taste of at PAX in Melbourne last year where you’re battling militia on the golden gate bridge.
This mission was both a means to setting the scene of the story that the game revolves around as well as showcasing each of the heroes and their abilities. It had an equal part of cutscenes and gameplay that mesh into one to create a really epic first impression.
First up you get to use Thor who feels much like Kratos from the recent ‘God of War’ game as you’re able to throw Thors hammer Mjolnir that sends enemies flying and pins them to the surrounding, whilst you continue to fight, you can them summon it back at will and that will also damage any enemies in it’s path. It’s your typical brawler/action gameplay.
You then get to transition to Iron Man who also has the ability to brawl hand to hand but can also fly up and use ranged attacks. Setting off his unibeam is a site to behold and great for causing some total destruction, there’s also some flying segments which i guess you would say feel like Star Fox in a sense but that was only brief but quite jaw dropping as you fly by all the chaos ensuing.

The Hulk is next up and again just absolutely batters his targets with melee and has his awesome jumps that launch him high into the air so you’re able to come crashing down with all your might. The hulk also shows off some platforming as you jump across rubble and bounce off overturned trucks. I definitely had a good time using him.

You switch over to the big jet/landing pad (you know the one from the Avengers movies) were Captain America is on his own battling more cronies, he also plays much like Thor as you’re able to throw around his shield. He felt a bit more refined then the other characters when it came to hand to hand combat.
Lastly in the mission you get to play as Black widow who is down right my favourite that i got to play as as she is the most agile and can also bust out her guns Lara Croft style.She ends the mission as you take on the boss Taskmaster which is actually a pretty cool fight as like any good boss fight, he changes up his tactics at certain points keeping it fresh.

That first mission was purely a big show piece and one that got me excited. This is that single player aspect I love in my 3rd person action games where story melds with the gameplay perfectly. It looked absolutely gorgeous too on my PS4 Pro with a crisp resolution and steady frame rate which is normally not something you see in demos or betas. All the character models were highly detailed, but the environment was the most impressive with exceptional texture work and some amazing particle affects.

Following some story beats i was dropped into another mission, this time using Kamala khan ‘Ms Marvel’ and Bruce Banner. This story mission is very reminiscent of something straight out of Uncharted or even The last of us as you have the banter between the two characters as you explore a lush jungle, which again has some amazing visuals and great use of lighting.
Of course you get into a battle predicament and this is where things got a bit repetitive. You have to use the hulk to take out robots who are actually quite tough and the fights just seemed to drag on a bit too much, fortunately though you then later on get to try out Ms Marvel who kind of felt like Spiderman as you can swing across gaps using her elongated arms (think Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic 4) Her fighting abilities are just as good and are quite odd seeing her hands grow in size to pummel enemies, reminded me of Battletoads.
Again this mission just felt very repetitive and not all that engaging compared to the epic set piece that was the first mission.

I did appreciate all the voice acting though as it is all top notch stuff and of course you have to have Troy Baker and Nolan North as they’re both fantastic in any role they play.

So this is where things get weird, after the second mission you are in a sort of hub world area and can go take on a Warzone mission where the multiplayer aspect kicks in. These are more linear designed levels which you can enlist some friends for some co-op beatdowns. Unfortunately I was only able to play it single player and it grew quite boring but I assume this will easily be fixed playing with your buddies. This is also where you get to try out other characters you may have not used as much and level them up. You earn points, materials etc to upgrade your characters equipment to boost them up with perks as well as being able to earn Alternate costumes. Some of the ones on offer in the beta were awesome, especially the ones for Ironman.

As someone who is a massive single player fan and not into multiplayer games, I wonder if this will actually appeal to me or if i’m going to be feeling that I enjoyed the story missions whilst being frustrated that I grinded through the multiplayer missions. Time will tell but as long as there is a good balance then it might be able to appeal to both single player and multiplayer fans alike. I just hope they can strike that perfect balance in the full game.

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and i’ll reply back 🙂


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