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REVIEW – Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

I originally reviewed Devil May Cry 5 on last gen which you can see the full review in the video above. Now the special edition doesn’t add anything new to the story, change the music, or fundamentally change the main story gameplay apart from some new modes and obviously using Vergil as a new character, so I thought I would just touch on the new features.

The thing on everyones mind is what has been improved graphically on the new current hardware? Ray tracing, both in cinematic and performance modes has been added for all your shiny reflections on windows, shiny surfaces and water. The performance mode for ray tracing drops the resolution down to 1080p to target 60fps whilst you get a closer 4k image at 30 for cinematic. If you don’t want raytracing and want a more stable framerate, turn it off.
120fps mode has also been added but this is obviously dependent on your tv’s capability and it’s a bit of a wildcard jumping anywhere from 80 – 120fps, so the dips can be a bit jarring.  The options are countless.

Gameplay wise throw in vergil (not the 80s wrestler virgil) as a new playable character from start to finish of the main story. He is seemingly in my opinion the hardest to master hitting the SSS rankings but he has some really cool offence using his summoned blades.
Aside from Vergil the special edition adds in new modes like the new legendary dark knight mode which adds so many enemies on screen its like a mini ‘muso’ title. This is definitely for people wanting to punish themselves with the difficulty being ramped up just purely based on how many enemies you have to battle in comparison to the regular mode.
If the game is not fast enough, chuck on turbo mode for that extra speed kick. It literally feels like you’re playing on slight fast forward as it speeds the game up to 1.2x.

This special edition gives players so much choice to play around with to tailor the experience to how they want to play it which is more in line with what PC players have been able to do for decades.
Did I also mention it’s an amazing game. The story is badass, just as the characters (bit of a series fanboy) the action is fast, fluid and frenetic and the music gets the blood pumping.

Again watch the original review above for the full details of what I thought of the story, gameplay, music etc.DMC 5: Special edition is a must own game! If you’ve never played it and have a new shiny next gen console…what are you doing? Go buy it now and treat yourself to one of the best last gen titles in all its new flashy glory on ps5 and xbox series consoles!

REVIEW – Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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