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REVIEW – Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)

Sackboy is back however not in another little big planet game, but a more traditional platforming adventure, ditching the level creation tools in favour of a more tight nit experience. How does sack boy sit amongst other platforming greats?

Concept/Story: Craftworld has been invaded by the dreaded Vex, enslaving all the little sack people in some weird dimension he sucks them all into. Fortunately Sackboy manages to escape and is now tasked with saving the sack people and defeating Vex.

A simple little story which is true for most of the platformer games as the emphasis is more on gameplay rather then crazy narrative. What is here is cute though and has a variety of fully voiced characters plopped intermittently in between levels and  never outwears its welcome.

Conceptually the game strays from it’s creation suite of old in favour of the more traditional platformer which a focus on local co-op. For me personally this is a much welcome change as I was never a fan of any of the little big planet games, despite being a huge platforming fan.

Graphics: Popping this on for the first time on your brand new PS5 you aren’t going to be wowed and rushing to show your friends the power of the PS5, however you will appreciate the crisp visuals, solid frame rate and nice touches over the PS4 edition.

The PS5 version of Sackboy sports some nice reflections, a better lighting system, a much higher resolution then both base PS4 and Pro, as well as some little touches like particles, grass and other carpet looking designs which are completely removed from the PS4 version.

The game itself is very colourful and whimsical with everything in the world made from crafts and real world objects. It might not be everyones taste and I sure was a bit iffy on it at first but I grew to love it the more I played and the more variety of level design I came across as I progressed through the different levels and worlds.

Gameplay: Sackboy can be enjoyed both as a single player experience or in multiplayer. I played the majority of the game in 2 player co-op (which sports some extra co-op only levels) but also went back to get collectibles in a single player setting and really enjoyed both.

The levels can be quite long if you’re going for every collectible dream orb, present (which are cosmetic items for your characters) and knight cubes (bonus challenge levels) or can be rushed through if that’s not your style. I like that there is the option to really dig into a level and explore every nook and cranny for collectables and also collectibells (in game currency to buy additional costumes and cosmetics) as it adds a lot of replayability if you’re wanting to get that 100% completion.

The levels themselves start out from quite simple and ramp up as you progress, and playing in co-op you really need to be playing with someone on a similar level to you skill wise otherwise you’re going to be getting game over a whole lot. I loved the difficulty increase as I felt it was a natural progression as I got more skilled with Sackboys range of moves, as well as some level specific abilities he gains.

The platforming feels tighter then the Little Big Planet games and just overall more responsive which is a big plus as it can hold it’s own against other platforming heavyweights that a certain company starting with N like to create.

Sound: The music is Sackboy is outstanding, especially as some levels are music themed as they enemies and the environment react to the beat. There’s tracks like Britney Spears Toxic, to uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and even Let’s Dance by David Bowie. These levels are always the highlight and a nice surprise as you never know what track is going to start up. Don’t do yourself a disservice by looking up the rest of the tracks as you’ll ruin all the fun.

Apart from the music themed levels the others levels sound great too and everything just fits perfectly with each level you play. It was a real treat that they really put in a lot of effort in the music department overall.

Awesomeness: Cosmetics are a big highlight of this game as you’re able to dress up sackboy in so many different clothing items, colours and even materials. Trying to collect as many collectibells as possible was always so rewarding when you found so many adorable things to dress the lil guy in. For the gals you can also make female versions too.

Now cosmetics are great but the real awesomeness factor is the sheer scope of replayability. Collecting everything and trying to get gold medals in the knitted knight trials is a reason to hone your skills and jump back in even after the credits roll. Unless of course you take the slow approach and try get everything in each level before progressing, even then this game isn’t short and you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Final Word: As someone who has never been a fan of the Little Big Planet series, I’m really glad I gave Sackboy a go as it’s probably the game I’ve sunk the most hours into on my PS5 and it’s been great fun from start to finish. You rarely see co-op games these days so if you’re wanting something to play with the kids or your significant other then definitely give this a go and you won’t be disappointed.

REVIEW – Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5) Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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