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REVIEW – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank, two Playstation icons that have graced our consoles for nearly 20years on every Playstation console since the PS2 are back with their first Playstation 5 title ‘Rift Apart’. Can the duo still captivate us after so many years?

Story/Concept: Now unlike the previous Ratchet and Clank remake on the ps4, this title follows on with an expectation that you know who the characters are, so straight out of the gate I would say if you haven’t played the PS4 release go ahead and do that first. For fans of the series though you will know exactly what is going on and the motivations of the story which sees Clank presenting Ratchet with a dimensionator to help him travel to visit the other Lombaxes (see I told you, you need to play the previous game). Of course the plan is thwarted by Dr. Nefarious and the dimensionator is damaged causing rifts in time and space, hence the title of the game, sending our heroes all across different planets and timelines to save the galaxy and I guess time itself from ceasing to exist.

Along the teams travels they are split up with new characters being introduced which are essentially Ratchet and Clank from another dimension named Rivet and Kit. Of course no spoilers but the adventure that awaits is full of laughs, meaningful interactions with characters and a hell of a lot of action/gunplay. It’s one of the most fun i’ve had with a R & C story in a while and it was an absolute blast from start to finish.

Graphics: Hot diggity damn, this game is an absolute spectacle! It is with out a doubt one of, if not THE best looking videogame i have ever played in my 34 years of existence.

Character models are the thing that stands out right away with the fur on Ratchet and Rivet looking absolutely amazing! the whole cast of characters, even generic enemies look so incredibly detailed and just have so much life about them. This is truly that promise of visuals hitting a Pixar like level. The animations, especially facial animations are all top notch and really showcase emotion despite the creatures not even being human.
Aside from the characters the environments are equally impressive with so much diversity between the planets you visit and chock full to the brim with detail. They are vibrant, sport some incredible draw distance with everything way out in the distance looking detailed, packed full of things from flying cars to characters bustling around with every area looking like a big showpiece. It’s really the wide variety of locations that does it for me as they are able to show off their artistic flair creating worlds that look so vastly different yet fit so perfectly together.
Add in Raytracing and you have reflections galore, even on Clank himself, he’s never looked more metallic. What’s crazy is also how many options you have to choose from, Quality mode which is my recommendation as its 4k 30 but is as smooth as butter with RT and increased density in the worlds, to performance and performance RT.
Don’t like that crappy chromatic abberation effect, turn it off, wanna turn off film grain or other effects, you’re able to and all with ease in the menu.

Now despite all these amazing visuals and effects, this game runs so smoothly with no noticeable lag that I came across even when there’s boxes smashing with bolts littering the playing field, effects from weapon blasts and enemies filling the screen, it all ran like a dream.
I was even more so impressed with how entering a rift into a completely different location just streams over so naturally without any real hiccup or delay and you’re able to cross over with ease back and forth. Seriously if any game is going to show off your PS5, it’s this one.

Gameplay: Ratchet & Clank, despite it’s cutesy look, has always been an absolutely kick ass 3rd person shooter amidst the ‘action adventure’ genre. People who have played any of the games in the series will feel right at home with tight gameplay both in traversal and gunplay alike, just don’t let the visuals make you think this is a simple game by any means. Playing at regular or harder difficulties actually makes you think about what weapon works best for the situation you’re in as well as using the environment to your advantage. This is where the new rift pulling mechanic comes into play as scattered in battlefields are small rifts you can latch onto and especially bring the environment they are on to you. So instead of you grappling and hurdling towards them, it essentially warps the environment to you which is mind bending but damn is it cool. This new mechanic will get you out of tight spots and if done correctly will have you dominating battles (granted you don’t run out of all your ammo).

The sheer number of weapons at your disposal is also a key feature of the series and I strongly encourage everyone to try them all out as not only are there really great ones for every situation, but the more you use them the more powerful they get. You’re even able to upgrade them using raritarium that you find throughout the game. You’ll find things from traditional shotgun style weapons to snipers, grenade launchers etc and then weird ones that will turn enemies into hedge bushes to shooting out mushroom men who will help fight along side you working as both a distraction and also pulling out the offence.

Nearly everything you smash will shoot out bolts to collect, including enemies, and this is a vital currency to purchasing new weapons. You’ll also find these hidden rifts that are like little side challenges that will award you with new armour pieces, and whilst only cosmetic they are still pretty damn cool to find.

The battles and story are spread out across mini open worlds with plenty of hidden things to find as well as some side missions and a bunch of bolts to collect. Some of these environments are pretty expansive and are just oozing personality which makes exploring them and getting into random shootouts all the more fun. You’ll also find these super speedy slugs to ride on across poisonous water/sludge to riding a dragon-like creature flying around shooting down enemies. There’s also some Clank puzzle sections (which you can actually skip if that’s not your thing) and a cool little shooter section with a robot spider named glitch.

Honestly I had a blast from start to finish and the gameplay loop had me hooked right from the start all the way through to the end and even into new game plus.

Sound: The voice acting in the R&C series has always been a big selling point for me as the voice actors just nail their performances each and every time and having played every entry in the series it’s also like hearing from a good friend you haven’t seen in a while.
The supporting cast always do an amazing job and especially newcomers like Rivet and Emperor Nefarious (Dr. Nefarious is amazing too) who fit right in to this tight nit group, which is a testament not only to the actors but the writing as well. The series has always been known for some light hearted fun with some great comical chops but also those heartwarming moments, and this entry is no different, hell even the goons you encounter regularly had me cracking up. It’s just great writing and acting all around.

The sound effects of all the weapons you use all sound great and  work especially well with the dual sense controller as you get the feedback of the rumble along with the blasts, especially when using weapons that create that resistance on the trigger.

Music wise, it doesn’t get any better for an action adventure, every tune fits the corresponding environment perfectly and you can jam out to some of the tunes in the bar/nightclub on one of the planets you encounter, make sure to find a certain spot to have Rivet bust out some of her dance moves.
Overall, this is just audio work on every front that was made with so much love, care and attention to detail that I can’t fault it at all.

Awesomeness: I think the main thing that has always stood out in the franchise has been the amazing weapons on offer to choose from but also the fact that the more you use them the more powerful they become which then results in playing a new game plus and unlocking even more powerful Omega versions.

The collectibles in this game all have reasons to get them, especially the golden bolts as they allow you to unlock cheat codes, filters, mods etc all by investing in looking around the environments. So many games of this genre have collectibles just for the hell of it and they don’t mean anything, where as in this game you actually want to find everything, well at least i know did…Already got the platinum trophy, *slight humble brag*. This all really adds to the replayability looking to collect everything and become a total badass sporting the best versions of every weapon.

Final word: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is an absolute masterpiece and a game that I feel is now the standard bearer for what current gen has to offer. It utilizes everything the Playstation 5 brings to the table with the dual sense haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and in built mic, to the powerfully fast SSD which provides seemless transitions, near non-existent loading and brute horsepower to showcase visuals like it does. If you want to wow people then this is the game to show hands down.

REVIEW – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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