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Published on July 11th, 2021 | by Ignis

PREVIEW: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Ace Attorney is a series that has been near and dear to my heart for more than a decade, the antics of the ever lovable Phoenix Wright and the colourful characters that you run into on a regular basis is the lynchpin of what is an excellent series in general. 

For those who may not be aware, Ace Attorney is a visual novel style series that sees you take the role of a Defence Attorney going through courtroom cases in order to prove the defendants innocence with all sorts of wacky characters in the mix. It’s a series that has never taken itself too seriously and is a series that always tries to make each case as crazy as it can be, filled with twists and turns as you go.

The newest entry in the series is “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” and will include both the first and second games in one package which means it’s sure to be a massive amount of content for anyone to sink their teeth into.
So these entries do not see you playing as the main character of most Ace Attorney games, Phoenix Wright. Instead, you will be playing as his ancestor – Ryunosuke Naruhodo on his journey to becoming a Defence Attorney – this is not a particularly new thing for those who have played previous games in the series, as you’re following in the footsteps of pretty much every other main character in the series. 


Playing as a new character, set in the Meiji era of Japan (1868 – 1912) means that Gamers are going to find themselves with a similar style to the other Ace Attorney games, but without needing to catch up on all the lore and relationship that exists in the Ace Attorney universe already. You won’t need to know anything about Phoenix Wright and his complex relationship with Miles Edgeworth, you won’t need to know the power of the name “Von Karma”, these are an entirely new cast of characters for you to engage with… Some of them look a little familiar which are definitely throwbacks for fans of the series to characters that exist in the other Ace Attorney games, fans will recognise the first Prosecutor in the first case immediately for example
This means that if you’ve ever wondered about jumping into the Ace Attorney series as a whole but have been overwhelmed by the number of games in the series this may be the time to jump into it 

Visual Novels live or die by their characters and I’m happy to report that throughout my limited time with the game what I’ve encountered has been excellent, if you’re a veteran to the series a lot of these characters are going to feel right at home to you – they’re all fleshed to be their own and they have their own quirks; “campy” I think is a good word to describe it, but just enough to make them interesting.  

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is shaping up to be another strong entry in the Ace Attorney series with enough for Veterans to love and welcoming enough for newcomers to make their first foray into the weird and wonderful world that is being a Defence Attorney. 

A shout out as well to the Team at Capcom Australia for providing this great opportunity and look out in future for a full review when the game releases on July 27th.

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