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REVIEW – Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut (PS5)

With the release of Ghost of Tsushima back in July 2020, less then 6 months before the release of the Playstation 5, PS4 gamers were treated to one of the best first party offerings by Sucker Punch studios.
In the above video you can see Ignis’s original video review for the game whilst below are my thoughts playing the entire game from start to finish on PS5 just going over the changes and additions to this new addition.

So let’s jump in right in, the directors cut of Ghost of Tsushima provides the base game along with the Legends online co-op mode, Iki Island expansion, dynamic 4K in glorious 60fps which holds steady for the entirety of the experience, insanely fast load times which make fast travel (which you will be doing a lot of) a complete breeze as well as 3D audio and new dual sense enhancements.

Of these new features i have to say the 60fps along with the fast loading are definitely the best quality of life modes added to the already fantastic game, pushing it to be a true masterpiece.  What I loved about the game is that despite it being a massive open world experience, i was engaged from start to finish without general fatigue i find that sets in when i play other open world titles. I think the fast loading is definitely something that helps this as you’re constantly needed to travel across the 3 sections of the map constantly and with fast travel that is near instant, this never seems to feel like a grind/chore.

Visually the game was already gorgeous but I feel that with the dynamic 4K locked to 60fps made everything pop more on the big screen with animations looking a lot more fluid. Nothing will beat a standoff in a big open field of beautiful flowers with the wind blowing or a storm raging, or battling under autumn trees with leaves cascading around you. It’s truly a sight to behold every time. Add in the 3D audio if you have a PS5 headset and the immersion is just through the roof, but how can i forget the dual sense features. Hearing the wind through your controller to feeling the gallops of your horse, it’s these little touches that come together to turn something great into something truly spectacular.

Let’s talk about the expansion Iki island. What you get here is a separate story that can be played after act 2 or in my case after I finished the base game. It features more great storytelling, incredible vistas and new shaman enemies that can buff regular enemies which makes battles a tad more difficult which is why I opted to jump in after my original playthrough. You also have enemies now that can switch out weapons making you adjust your swordsmanship on the fly more so then you may have facing off against regular enemies in the base game.
This expansion is quite expansive too ranging from about 10 – 14hours long and so if you played the base game last year this is something nice and new to jump into or if you’re like me and were so consumed it’s that awesome feeling that when the credits rolled I knew i had more amazing gameplay ahead.

Legends mode is another addition that is multiplayer focused and adds in class types such as Samurai, Ronin, Assassin and Hunter and can be played online via co-op story missions or survival missions in which you fight waves of enemies earning XP and gear based loot to level up.
Legends also puts a new creepier filter over the experience with a darker look to the world and enemies essentially being demons/zombies.
Admittedly I didn’t play too much of this mode but from what I did play it was quite enjoyable. Especially the online co-op missions.

Overall for people who never played Ghost of Tsushima on the Playstation 4 then this is an absolute must own for your fancy new PS5 and for people who never played the new Iki island expansion and own the base PS4 game I would definitely recommend upgrading to the directors cut addition on either PS4 or PS5.

REVIEW – Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut (PS5) Zorbz

Out of 5 Bugs!




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