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REVIEW: Crysis Trilogy Remastered

The Crysis Games have always been known as graphical powerhouses. When the original Crysis came out on the PC it almost destroyed people’s desktop’s due to the graphical demands. Even still to this day the Crysis games are great benchmarks for how well your PC can handle graphical Fidelity. One thing however is the console games never really lived up to the PC iterations and lacked in almost every way, suffering from terrible framerates.

So how well do these new remastered titles hold up on console despite having even more graphical enhancements?

Story/Concept: The series starts off in the 1st game with 4 nanosuit super soldiers on a rescue mission in North Korea to save a research team which ends up going horribly wrong due to the soldiers being picked off by a mysterious alien race called the Ceph. This turns from a rescue mission to stopping an all-out alien invasion.

The theme is continued through the 2nd and 3rd game with Prophet/Alcatraz (the protagonist through the series) taking on both human and alien enemies alike in a bid to save the earth. Think Captain America super soldier mixed in with Halo or even Doomguy.

The lore the game is actually quite deep if you want to invest in it however, I never really found myself that interested in what was going on, that’s just my personal opinion of course but I did actually enjoy the theme and the concept as a whole as opposed to digging into the narrative details.

Graphics: As I stated earlier visuals are what the Crysis series has been known for and as they were already graphical showcases, with even the second and third game still holding up on pc to this day, how do these remasters stack up on the PS4 version I was luckily enough to be provided with for this review being played on the PS5. Now as the only edition of the game I have, this will be the edition that I will be speaking about exclusively.

So, to kick things off the PS4 version running on a PS5 uses a dynamic resolution that sits between 1080P and native 4K running at 60 fps. This is a huge leap over the original ps3 titles which were running at times sub 30fps. Playing these games with that fluidity blows my mind considering how hard it original was to have these games run that well on PC back when they first released. Not only that but all 3 games sport new graphical features such as improved lighting better texture work increased particle effects and improvements to water and reflections.
When side-by-side the original Crysis game has probably the biggest improvements and this is very evident when comparing the two side by side. Crysis 2 and 3 however don’t really have too much changed when you compare these console versions to the base PC editions as these are still gorgeous games to begin with but with the high framerates and resolution you can see a significant increase in both fidelity and fluidity when comparing to the original PS3 editions.

As the series progressed you can see how the visuals also ramped up and this is still evident with Crysis 3 looking the best, however I do have a soft spot for Crysis 2’s New York urban setting.

All in all these games have never looked better and without even having played the PC remasters, I can assure you those will look even better as they support hardware based raytracing.

Gameplay: The main highlight when the original Crysis first hit the scene was the ability to basically go anywhere within the self-contained sandbox map, tackling missions how you wanted to whether by land, or sea, either by foot or vehicle. It was quite ground-breaking at the time, especially because you had both the option to go in guns blazing as one of the nanosuit powers is to armour yourself, or to go in stealth using the invisibility cloaking mechanic.
I always loved switching between the two throughout the game and also through out the series as these mechanics and this style of gameplay carries through all three titles in the series.

Gunplay has always been tight and I feel the gameplay between the first and second title is noticeable enough as animations are more smooth as sometimes the original game can be a bit glitchy and stiff but again it’s a game of its time. Crysis 3 is where they obviously hit their stride and fine-tuned everything but even so, no. 2 is still my favourite and one of my favourite shooters of all time.

Apart from running at a smoother frame rate making the gunplay more responsive i couldn’t really see any adjustments here and to be honest I wouldn’t want there to be as the gameplay as always been great so why try to fix something that aint broke as they say.

I guess if you were to compare Crysis to any other shooter it would be Farcry and the reason for that is the original Farcry was made by the same developer Crytek.

Sound: The theme music of Crysis 2 is still one that sticks in my head, its actually quite haunting and fits the atmosphere of an alien invasion so well.

The guns and explosions all sound chunky like you’d want, hell even your own footsteps sound weighted making you feel like the badass you are. This rings true for all titles but again i feel it only got better as the titles went along.
This is also true in terms of voice acting, its quite cheesy in the first title but definitely picks up in no.2 and especially 3.

Basically, apart from some of the cheesy acting in the first game the rest of the audio department in all 3 games is top notch.

Awesomeness: Besides from the fact that you have 3 amazing games in one package, the games themselves have enough variety in the way you tackle combat that playing them over is a blast.

I had so much fun jumping back in to each game despite having played them multiple times because they’re just that damn good.

Final Word: Seriously, 3 top notch first person shooters that still all hold up to this day all for the price of 1! You would be absolutely crazy to pass this up, even if you played these all originally.

The Crysis series will always be remembered for its ground-breaking visuals and top notch first person shooting gameplay. This is a must own!

REVIEW: Crysis Trilogy Remastered Zorbz



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