Who is Gamebug?

Gamebug is a collective of passionate Video Gamers with strong backgrounds in video game journalism.

Director Co-Founder
Lewis Astridge

Art Director Co-Founder
Pen Astridge

Assistant Editor
Crystal Bensley

Twitch Editor/Video Presenter
Chloe San Miguel

Features Editor
Taylor King

Matt Watling

Video Presenter
Christian Stokes

William Stevenson

William Smith

Podcast Presenter/Writer
Paul Houlihan

Podcast Presenter
Ben Abbott

Podcast Presenter
Nathan Cocks

Podcast Presenter
Max Laughton

Video Editor
Byron Keane


Gamebug is Australia’s go-to destination for video game industry news, reviews, videos and features. Our simple design and punchy format provides core information for video game fans on-the-fly!

We cover all video games, from the indie titles to major releases. We also keep viewers informed with the Japanese and international market, so Australia can get the gossip from overseas titles.

Our team of experienced journalists and enthusiastic contributors share raw, unedited and varied opinions across all gaming platforms, praising the best games and not soft-balling the bad games.

For all queries, please contact us by via e-mail: gamebug.au@gmail.com.

You can also stay up-to-date with all our daily activities by liking us on Facebook, Instagram and following our Twitter feed.

Website:  www.gamebug.com.au
E-Mail:  gamebug.au@gmail.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/gamebugAU
Twitter:  @GamebugAU
Instagram: gamebugau

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