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REVIEW: Crysis 3

Summary: Prophet (the main man in the cool, armoured suit) returns some 24 years after the last game, and New York is now an urban jungle of the future, encased in a dome by an evil corporation.

The Good: It’s a visual extravaganza of first-person gunplay in the highest of HD quality. Your Nanosuit gives you advantages with both the stealth or gung-ho approach. Your new toy is a high tech bow with customisable arrows, which goes well with the whole futuristic “Robin Hood” thing they’re going for here. There’s a better attempt at a story, with nice audio and and a fun multiplayer to boot.

The Bad: It’s a bit formulaic in the sense that it offers little special. The high-tech bow is the only thing that stands out. Despite a solid attempt at story, the characters are unlikable and unrelatable, and feels like you’re shooting at targets only because you can.

Final Word: Eye-popping graphics and those razor-sharp pixels remain the highlight here, and the improved story makes it arguably the best game in the series. While shooting can get a little dull and repetitive as it had sometimes in the previous games, there is much more incentive to play on this time around. Battlefield 3 fans looking for an alternative multiplayer game with similar modes won’t be left crying.

REVIEW: Crysis 3 IceCube

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