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REVIEW: God of War Ascension

Summary: Back so soon? Kratos is a pale-skinned and oft-exiled god who clearly wants another round of third-person slaughtering. Or maybe he’s just hooked on red orbs? Whatever the case, this game gets in touch with his human side, and is set as a prequel to the previous game trilogy. For the first time ever, it has multiplayer modes.

The Good: The smaller monsters are well-drawn, while the token gargantuan stage bosses are – as always – more epic than Kim Kardashian’s rump.  The first-ever multiplayer modes are addictive, as armed mortals gifted with godly powers bash-it-out in the arena.

The Bad: It feels like nothing’s changed. The story tries but fails to grab you, so you’re simply doing the motions and yawning through it. Combat is repetitive and the button-timed boss concept feels worn out. The graphics also look slightly outdated.

Final Word: Before, smashing enormous beasts to operatic overtures was perfect-score bait, but it’s all getting too familiar and exhaustive now. Thankfully, multiplayer rescues this game with various biff-outs and upgradable characters. There’s still plenty of razzle-dazzle in the combat scenes, but the spark from the original games is simply gone.

REVIEW: God of War Ascension IceCube

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