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REVIEW: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Summary: Two new masked mercs, Alpha and Bravo, split targets in an action-loaded, third-person-shooter. Neck-deep against the Mexican Drug Cartels, it’s your job to protect a town mayor who declared war against them. Let’s just say it gets violent quickly.

The Good: Taking on these notorious cartel goons is a cool choice for a dangerously-real drama. It’s loaded with a heavy dose of action where all your surrounding walls crumble nicely when shot. Your CPU-controlled partner is quite quick to help you (but it’s more fun with a mate online), and the more you execute co-operative actions, the more overkill points you’ll get to take down foes with increased firepower.

The Bad: The new characters are drab and unlikeable, just like the flat, brown scenery you’re shooting in. Everything that made this series unique is gone, like the signature agro meter (where shooting draws attention away from your partner), chummy high-fives and back-to-back gunplay when surrounded. There’s little break-up from repetitive shooting, and the enemy AI is often moronic.

Final Word: Chaotic explosions everywhere make for a wild ride, but all booms do little when the characters, levels and story are all duller than attending an insurance seminar. In contrast, the previous game was chest-bumpingly cool, but overall we felt this entry was a step backwards, as this once-unique series now gets lost amongst a pile of generic shooters.

REVIEW: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel IceCube

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