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Six new features revealed for the XBox One

Microsoft revealed a few more cool details about the XBox One today:

  • Video recording feature which automatically records and locally stores the last five minutes of every game you play, or simply say “Xbox record” and it saves the last 30 seconds of gameplay for upload and sharing.
  • Controllers recognize who is holding the controller through the camera. When the controller is passed from player to player, the game automatically load the profiles and setups for that player.
  • Individual rumble in the triggers can be used in racing games to provide feedback on the tire performance, so players will have even more awareness of grip and braking.
  • Smartglass displays where friends are in games and can help you prep multiplayer sessions without having to load the game first.
  • Xbox One’s new Kinect is about 10x the resolution of the current version and can read the changes in your face and identify each finger even at 3 meters.
  • Map your own head to in-game models. Rather than the gamer pic versions of yourself in games like Rainbow Six, you can now import your own face geometry onto character models.

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