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CJay’s Retro Review- Mario’s Picross

Systems: Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console

Genre: Puzzle

Year of Release: 1995

Mario’s Picross is just what it sounds like- a Mario themed Picross puzzle game! If you have never played Picross, it is a simple puzzle game where you make pictures based on the numerical instructions.


Each row or column has a series of numbers which tell you how many blocks there are in a row- e.g. 2 3 5 means there will be two coloured blocks then a gap of at least one block then three coloured, gap, then 5 more coloured ones. You either mark blocks that you are sure are not coloured with an x or can mark blocks as coloured.picross3

Because this game has the Mario theme, it will see you create puzzles of stars, piranhas, mushrooms and more. There is a hint option here for new players as well. There are 256 puzzles in all with 4 courses- Easy, Kinoko, Star and Time Trial.


This is the sort of game that really shines on the original Game Boy as colour is completely unnecessary. It is great for a portable game as the puzzles are quick but satisfying. I am a massive Picross fan and have played all the 3DS versions. That said, this was one of the first Picross games I played and it was a blast. One of my very favourite Game Boy games of all time.

Difficulty: Easy

Score: 5/5

CJay’s Retro Review- Mario’s Picross CJay

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