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Alanah Pearce

Published on December 4th, 2014 | by IceCube

Alanah Pearce makes World Headlines!

Our very own Alanah Pearce made worldwide headlines recently when she posted a screengrab on her Twitter feed of her clever response to a rape threat she received online.

Screen-shot-2014-12-03-at-11.47Alanah contacts a troll’s mother through Facebook.


Since then, the response has been retweeted over 42,000 times and received a crazy amount of positive online exposure. She was immediately contacted by several major TV networks for interviews, including Network 7’s Sunrise:

Screen-shot-2014-12-03-at-10.46Alanah Pearce on Network 7’s Sunrise. Click here to watch the segment online.

As well as Network 10’s The Project:

Screen-shot-2014-12-03-at-10.22Alanah Pearce on Network 10’s The Project. Click here to watch the segment (skip to 22:14)


The TV interviews even went worldwide on Sky News HD:

Screen-shot-2014-12-03-at-10.38Alanah Pearce on Sky News HD. Click here to watch the full segment online.


Even several Youtubers  around the globe were calling her out and praising her:

Screen-shot-2014-12-03-at-10.07American Youtuber Philip DeFranco praises Alanah Pearce. Click her to watch the segment.


Written headlines also appeared on worldwide media, including major news outlets such as:, The BBC, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and The Mirror.

It also picked up the interests of several celebrities on Twitter, including Ian Hecox of Smosh and Xena Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless:


Not only has this clever idea gone viral in a positive way but, at least in this case, it proved to be successful.

BBC reports that this particular mum was so shocked by her son’s behaviour that she has forced him to make a handwritten apology to Alanah. The mother has also spoken to other parents in the community and has gotten his school involved.

Alanah said she was surprised to receive a response from one of the parents she contacted and was expecting to maybe have a conversation about the message. However, she was happy to hear that the outcome will positively affect a community.

Alanah adds that these sorts of issues are only some 1% of the gaming community, pointing out that most men involved in the gaming community are extremely supportive of her and also want the harassment stopped.

We’re happy to see an online troll accountable for his own actions and hopefully this will inspire more women to take action in a similar fashion and ultimately put an end to online threats.

As for Alanah, all this coverage is probably just the beginning of much more to come.

Well done, Alanah!

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