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Top 10 Video Game Villains

Behind every great tale is a great villain, so we’ve broken down our Top 10 Video Game Villains! We all know characters like Bowser from Super Mario Bros. and Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda make fun bad guys, but this list was designed for the absolute nastiest of cretins.

We wanted the kind of villainy who would delight in watching the world burn from atop their corporate tower, laughing maniacally with thunder, lightning and volcanoes erupting behind them… (we all know one). We’re not including comic book villains, this is purely video game villains (sorry Joker). Here we go:

10. GLaDOS

The virtual queen of sarcasm. She is an artificially intelligent computer system who torments you throughout your journey, closing doors, blocking paths and setting traps. She toys with you like she’s bored and lonely, and is a genuine threat.


9. Dane Vogel
Saints Row 2

Corporate wanker extraordinaire who runs the Ultor corporation. He’s a chauvanisitic, yet charismatic businessman and all smiles, speeches and magazine covers in public, but behind closed doors he’s a rotten scoundrel with deep pockets.


8. Andrew Ryan

A gentleman of evil monologues. When Ryan’s vision for a utopia in the underwater city, Rapture, collapsed into mayhem, he hides himself away and uses armies of mutated humans, “Splicers”, to defend himself and fight against those resisting him.



7. King Bohan
Heavenly Sword

Perhaps the nastiest (and ugliest) human character in gaming, this tyrannical king cannot contain all the evils. Brilliantly motion captured by Andy Serkis (Smeagol from Lord of the Rings), his twisted armies destroys villages by his command.


6. Isaac Frost
Fight Night: Champion

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more satisfying than beating this guy. This is your penultimate rival in the story mode. He’s a cocky, arrogant jerk who almost kills your character’s brother in a brutal bout.


5. Katherine Marlow
Uncharted 3

Sinister, manipulative and cold, this devil wears Prada. She takes what she wants when she wants and uses her money and power to make make it happen.


4. General Victor Sarrano

This is your foul-mouthed, insane base commander and he is a complete a**hole. He tricks your squad into killing innocent people, then when he is sprung, blames you for betraying his cause. He then abandons your squad on a remote planet and places a bounty on your head for mercenaries to hunt you.


3. Handsome Jack
Borderlands 2

A jokester with an evil, power-hungry mind. He’s completely insane, but witty, and controls using fear and ambition. Everything is a joke to this unpredictable protagonist. His whimsical approach to killing is so absurd that you too might might snicker at the black comedy.


2. Frau Engel
Wolfenstein: The New Order

This evil fraulein is a commandant of a Nazi death camp and someone you do not want lining you up in her crosshairs. Alongside her significantly younger lover, Bubi (or “Little Boy” in German), she is as vile and wicked as she is intimidating.


1. Vaas Montenegro
Far Cry 3

Mad with power, Vaas is an insane man who thinks he is smart. With a personal armory and a merciless attitude, he built a army through fear, seizing an entire island and slaughtering it’s peaceful inhabitants, with you on it.


Well that’s our top 10. Were there any obvious ones we missed? Let us know!


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