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Summary: A crowd funded racing game with plenty of cars and tracks (even Mount Panaroma for us Australians!) to enjoy. Compete in multiple careers from go-karts to prototype racers.

Concept: This is a serious racing simulation game and what makes it stand out are all the options. You can start multiple careers in many car types with various difficulty options. There is sure to be something for everyone from beginners to rev-heads. Project CARS is a very open racer. Everything is unlocked from the get go so you decide how to play and what you want to achieve. You can tune each vehicle and decide what happens during pit stops. However if you want to design a livery or change the colour of your vehicle, you can forget about it on console at least.

projectcars3If only I could own one in real life…

Graphics: Project CARS has beautifully detailed cars and tracks. The crowds look good and the races look fairly photo realistic. There are so many options to fine-tune the look and feel of the game. You can see that this was developed with the PC in mind.

Gameplay: Choice is the name of the game. You can choose different control schemes, use a racing wheel, or change what difficulty options are on/off very easily. There are career modes, single race events and multiplayer races, not to mention all the tuning options you could desire. I must say controlling the cars was at first quite challenging but after a bit of practice, it controls fine. Each car controls very differently and this needs to be taken into account the first time you put that pedal to the metal. There is no rewind mechanic to make life easier although you can skip through qualifying and practice races once you have set a time for a lap (although you seem to be placed last in qualifying when you do so).

projectcars1Smoking up those tyres.

Sound: The music is an orchestrated list of tracks during menus with no music during races. The engine noises and damage you take during a race all sound realistic and are well done. One nice touch is the announcer speaks through the PS4 speaker in the PS4 version of the game which is an original use of this functionality. Nothing else groundbreaking but it stands up overall.

Multiplayer: You can drop into a session for a short or long race, compete against the world in time trials or have a 24 Le Mans Challenge if you so desire. The multiplayer seems to work well and is quite stable (unlike some racing games in recent history). There are online race weekends and special events to keep you checking in on what’s new.

projectcars2On a dark, cloudy evening…

Awesomeness: If you want speed and adrenaline inducing events, they can certainly be found here in spades. If you love to show off your skills in a challenging game, this might be worth a look. The only problem is the feeling of achievement you get from racing seasons is not as satisfactory as that in other games. You can gain accolades and endorsements but this is largely meaningless. There are no real incentives to race, other than to win a specific event. In Forza you unlock cars and in DriveClub you gain experience. Here? It’s nothing but what you make of it which can be a bit of a mixed blessing.

Final Word: Racing games are one of my favourite genres and I had high expectations from Project CARS. The game is very much a simulation, complete with practice races and qualifiers before you even get into a race, and as such it might not appeal to the largest audience. I went back and forth on how I felt about this title. I believe it is a competent game and addictive to play but doesn’t quite have all the features you might want.


Score out of 5 bugs


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