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GLiTCH Plays: Team 17 Games Showcase

Hi guys!

My name is GLiTCH and welcome to my latest hands-on preview. Today I visited the team at Surprise Attack to play some early previews of Team 17 Digital games.

Don’t recognize Team 17? These guys developed titles like the Worms series, Alien Breed trilogy, The Escapists, Flockers and a whole lot more!

Lucky for me, I got to exclusively play four new games in the works from this talented team:



I started this strategy game by customizing the looks and names of my family, comprising of two adults and two children. The family has just entered a fallout shelter and I needed to manage resources to keep them alive. Each family member can work, building rooms, showers, beds and entertainment but at the same time, can feel sick, tired bored or hungry. You need to build and manage the family needs to create a stable shelter, much like The Sims, but really grim. Over time, resources thin and I needed to venture outside or hope that a traveling merchant knocks on your vault. The pixel-heavy animation shouldn’t deter your desire to play this game, as it has a charm that quickly grows on you.

Beyond Eyes


The ambitious idea behind this third-person game was to create something unique, with objectives that don’t follow traditional gaming patterns. I played as a young girl who is blind to the world. All I could see and hear were the same things she could. My world was a white canvas, that only came to life once I walked near it to feel what was around me. My goal? To follow a cat. The watercolour imagery was beautiful and would form an image based on the sound I hear. Sometimes a sound would create an visual form, like the engine of a car, but turn out to be something else as I approached it, in this case, a lawn mower. I encountered minor dangers, like a barking dog, which mildly added to the challenge of finding my cat, but never present me with a “Game Over” screen.



Similar to Super Smash Bros. games from Nintendo, this alternative game levels the playing arena with different-looking characters of equal strength. It’s a party game designed for 2-4 players, starring a cast of quirky characters squabbling over collectables on a single-screen arena. On the arena I played, the objectives changed every 20 seconds or so, without a break, keeping the pace fast. One moment I’m chasing coins one at a time, he next moment, the screen is full of them and I’m jumping everywhere to gather as much as possible. The rules change swiftly, and it features a lot of jumping, shooting and punching.



When the creepy circus comes to town, a gullible young boy is invited to join the bandwagon, before discovering the ringmaster want to use him as prey for entertainment. The game is a single screen of multi-leveled platforms, loaded with various death traps, like guns, missiles, spikes, flames and loads more. The longer you survive the more deadly the traps become. It’s intense to play, loaded with bizarre black comedy and different objectives every round to mix things up.

I enjoyed my time with this collection of games. While some were very similar to other games already on the market, like Smash Bros and Fallout Shelter, they were no less enjoyable, just another take. My personal favorite? Sheltered, but each to their own.

For more on Team 17 games, stay tuned to Gamebug.com.au

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