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Top 10 Street Fighter V characters

Well we’ve been playing some Street Fighter V and thought we’d allocate our Top 10 characters from the game. Because, you know, we can. Of course, there’s only 16 available to currently choose from, so only six will miss out. Still, it’s worth noting who made our cut. Without further ado, check this out:

10. Vega

He’s a bit too ‘fabulous’ for our liking, and far too obsessed with beauty (which is odd for a guy who hides behind a mask). Still, there’s something strangely likable about the ninja Spaniard. He’s the most nimble character in the game and requires more timing-based strikes. Damned pirates.


9. R. Mika

Uh oh, there’s a hint of woman skin. That means the feministy websites have CAPS-LOCKED all over the interwebs again. I’ve never known a wrestler to wear so little clothes before! Oh, wait… Well, I’ve never seen a sexy MAN wrestler before! Oh, dammit… Look, we just like her strong woman personality, OKAY.


8. Dhalsim

I spent my Street Fighter II childhood calling this guy “D-has-lim” instead of “Dhal-sim” (I also called Guile “Goo-ill”, but I’m trying to put that one behind me). He’s the racial stereotype of Indian culture: bendy-stretchy body, yoga and spicy-curry flame breath. But India is proud and they should be – he’s one of the coolest international staples of the series.



7. Cammy

If anyone remembers anything from Street Fighter III, it’s gotta be Cammy, which is why she continues to remain a plug in the series. She’s the Special Forces fighter of the group, kinda short and not really rangy, but quick, unpredictable and good at combos. Speaking of combos… how about the plats, beret and butt-hugging leotard fashion combo?


6. M. Bison

He’s a big bully of the military world who beats you down and mocks you. We all know him as the final boss of Street Fighter II, but now he’s just that maniacal playable character. Sure, he’s more annoying than an aggressive telemarketer, but you’ve gotta respect this kinda villainy… It can’t be easy laughing at all the evils all the time.


5. Ryu

There’s Ryu and there’s Ken – virtual brothers from different mothers. But if we have to choose between Hansel and Derek Zoolander, we’ll take Derek. Ryu is the token hero of the series, and that’s why we don’t like him. We like him because his special “Ha-doo-ken”, “Orl-yu-ket” and “Asak-spak-speril-jak” moves are so fun to execute.


4. Chun-Li

Naw, little Chun-Li. Gotta love her. How can anyone not love her? She’s cuter than a puppy wrapped in a bow, yet those sexy thighs could crush a man’s skull. Hmmm… On second thought, maybe her ability to murder me in brutal fashion isn’t the best promotion of her skills, still it’s now up there on my list for “preferred ways to die”. Yeah, I’m sick.


3. Rashid

Some respect to the new faces of the group – he’s kinda like the Prince of Persia or Aladdin. Most of his moves are wind elemental based, including spins, tornado strikes and mini cyclones. Like all the great characters of the series, he’s type-cast to his Middle Eastern nationality, so as long as there’s no suicide bomb vest moves I’m sure we’re cool.


2. Zangief

Mister muscles from the mother land Russia is just a big cuddly teddy bear… whose cuddles could literally crush every bone in your body. Not sure if it’s the tuft of chest hair, red spandex underpants, or manly beard, but he’s probably the coolest “big guy” in the fighting game world. Some of his big grab moves are still tough to pull.


1. Laura

Who? Wha? Yeah, I know: “How can some new random newbie replace your favourite classic character?” S**t, I dunno… I kinda just placed her here because I have a thing for Brazilian chicks. Truth is, her zappy jujitsu moves are quite ordinary and only really effective with well planned attack strategies. Still, I want one.


Well that’s our top 10. How biased and silly are our choices? Let us know in the comments below!

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