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Top 25 Dark Souls Trilogy Areas

If you haven’t played any of the Dark Souls games yet, we wanted to show you just some of what you have been missing out on. All three action RPG’s are loaded of awe-inspiring scenes that take your breath away. After completing and researching all three games, including the DLC, we’ve decided to compile our top 25 Dark Souls areas from the trilogy. It’s spoiler-free and doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can expect to see. Enjoy!

 20 – Painted World of AriamisDark_Souls_Anor_Londo_Painted

Game: Dark Souls
Moment: The painted world itself is nice, but the grand painting (and area entrance) in Anor Londo is even nicer.

19 – Things Betwixtdark_souls_2_Things_Betwixt

Game: Dark Souls 2
Moment: The very opening scene of the game sets the tone.

18 – Shulva – Sanctum CityDark_Souls_2_Shulva_Sanctum_City

Game: Dark Souls 2 (DLC)
Moment: The creepy underground structure is dauntingly powerful from the outside and in.

17 – Brume TowerDark_Souls_2_Brume_Tower

Game: Dark Souls 2 (DLC)
Description: The view as you crawl across the giant chains.

16 – Darkroot BasinDark_Souls_Dark-Root-Basin-1-0024

Game: Dark Souls
Moment: The zig-zagging green path into the valley and amazing lake hydra.


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